Abigail Breslin Blogs About Heartbreak

Abigail Breslin knows that sometimes it feels good to put your pain into words. The Little Miss Sunshine actress posted to her blog on Monday (October 21) and opened up about a recent breakup. Though she’s “not into naming names,” her message is loud and clear – she’s suffering from a broken heart.

In a post titled, “Deep down you said I’m a coward when it comes to love,” Abigail writes, “In the past month, a lot has happened. You guys can all speculate who I’m talking about, whatever. But I’m not into naming names.”

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“Sometimes, when a guy hurts you, you lose faith in allllllll guys,” the 17-year-old continues. “You don’t understand how to just forget the hurt and realize that not everyone’s gonna hurt you.

“Sometimes it’s disheartening when you see someone who hurt you going after someone else and you feel the need to grab them and scream, “HE’S ONLY GONNA HURT YOU” but you can’t do that. Maybe he won’t hurt her. Maybe he will.”

The actress talks about looking for ways to move on. “How do you just get over it? How do you just find someone new and like them? How do you retell the personal things you’ve shared with someone else? How do you open yourself up again?” she asks.

“I read a quote that said, “Love is letting someone hold a loaded gun to your head and trusting them to not pull the trigger.”… Or something like that. As hard as it is, you have to realize that not every boy is exactly the same. Not every boy is him.”

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