KIDZ STAR USA Winner Isabel Lacatus: “I Feel Like This Is My Big Break”

Teen singing sensation Isabel Lacatus recently won the 2013 KIDZ STAR USA Competition, America’s biggest national talent competition for kids ages 15 and under. Isabel beat out 20,000 aspiring young performers to win a recording contract with RCA Records.

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently chatted with Isabel about the highlights of being in the competition and what it was like having Jennette McCurdy as her celebrity mentor. The talented singer-songwriter also revealed that she has “over 40 songs written, composed, and arranged!”

CTS: You recently won the national KIDZ STAR USA competition. What were some of the highlights of being in the competition? What inspired you to try out?

Isabel: “I absolutely love KIDZ BOP, as it gives people like me an amazing opportunity to launch their career. I really wanted to share my music and my passion with the world, and this competition was almost like a Junior American Idol. I was in a continuous rush of excitement throughout my entire experience in LA. It was such an amazing feeling to be on that stage in the middle of Six Flags Magic Mountain and sing in front of people. I went out there and became a different person on stage. I also really connected with the song and felt that God was with me every step of the way.”

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CTS: What was the first thing you thought of when you were pronounced the winner?

Isabel: “My mind was going a million miles an hour! I couldn’t even begin to believe that I won KIDZ STAR USA 2013. I was speechless. Even now, I look back at the videos and just relive the moment over and over again. I was so excited that I was going to be able to call myself a recording artist under RCA Records! Also, having the opportunity to be in a KIDZ BOP commercial and music video means the world to me. I feel like this is my big break and everything from now on is going to go higher and higher. However, I also felt really bad for the other three finalists, as they were all very talented. I wish there could have been four winners!”

CTS: How has your life changed since winning the competition?

Isabel: “I finally feel like I am on my way to the top, and I feel like that was the start of my career. It makes me want to work even harder now. I have already had so many interviews and the support from all my fans is just incredible. I can’t believe that I am finally starting to get recognized in this industry. I really want to put myself out there in all venues. For example, I’ve already landed some modeling jobs with Boscov’s Store. Likewise, I also believe that winning this competition is a marvelous accomplishment to have on my resume.”

CTS: What was it like having Jennette McCurdy as your celebrity mentor?

Isabel: “I have been watching her ever since iCarly began and now on Sam and Cat. She is literally my favorite actress ever. When I found out that I was going to meet her in person, I was in shock. At the Grand Finale, I could not believe that I was standing right there in front of her and she was giving me hugs. We also took so many pictures together. I’ve always looked up to her and she was the sweetest and most down-to-earth person. She also gave me great advice on working hard and always following my dreams.”

CTS: You won a recording deal with RCA records. Have you started working on any new music? What type of music do you plan to release?

Isabel: “I have over 40 songs written, composed, and arranged, and I keep on writing. I would love to make my own type of musical genre in this industry, which would be a combination of pop music, jazz qualities, my R&B vocals, and my head voice. This would make me really distinct from any other artist on the radio today. I want to be unique and different and make music that has never been done before.”

CTS: Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

Isabel: “Alicia Keys is one of my favorite inspirations, because she plays piano like me and she has a very strong and raspy voice. Bruno Mars is another inspiration, because you can always hear the pain and passion when you hear him sing, and I love that he has a very soulful voice. Andrew Belle is also a great inspiration to me, because he has a very edgy and vocal fry voice that I was able to incorporate into my music too.”

CTS: You also have a very unique and fun taste in fashion. Who are your greatest fashion icons?

Isabel: “Cher Lloyd is one of my favorite fashion icons, because I love her funky, quirky, and urban flair. I also really like her young look. In addition, I also like Katy Perry‘s colorful and fairytale ‘Candy Land’ look, and I really love Zendaya‘s teen hip hop look. Basically, I really like to keep it young and also add some of Michael Jackson’s uniqueness with his outfits.”

CTS: Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years? Any major goals?

Isabel: “Besides having eight Grammy Awards, I would like to be the icon of helping poor people. I would love to do a lot of charity events, because I am not only on a mission for myself, but also for God.”

CTS: What advice do you have for other people thinking of getting into the music industry?

Isabel: “#1. Practice, #2. Practice, and #3 PRACTICE! Aspiring musicians have to work very hard and make music their life. You will get far if you marry music and love it.”

CTS: What is up next for you?

Isabel: “In the coming months, to be decided, I will fly out to LA to be in a KIDZ BOP commercial and KIDZ BOP music video. After that, I will start working with RCA Records on my single.”

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