Justin Bieber Charged With Vandalism

The title of Justin Bieber‘s latest single, ‘Bad Day,’ is turning out to be a description of most of the singer’s life these days. Justin was charged on Friday (November 8) for vandalism after a highly-publicized graffiti incident in Brazil.

Last Tuesday police received a call about the ‘Boyfriend’ singer and his friends spray painting the wall of the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro. Justin and his crew had left by the time authorities had arrived, but incriminating photos were posted on a news website.

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The 19-year-old could face up to a year in jail, but reports are that he will most likely avoid any time behind bars and will only be required to pay a fine.

Unfortunately this isn’t the only mishap Justin has encountered in Brazil – last week he was hit in the face by a water bottle that a fan threw onstage during a concert in Sao Paolo. After the incident Justin refused to return to the stage and the concert was cut short.

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