Happy 25th Birthday Jamie Campbell Bower!

Happy birthday to Jamie Campbell Bower who turns 25 today (November 22)! The British actor – who was in The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones and dated his co-star Lily Collins – recently said he is excited for the film’s sequel City of Ashes.

He said, “If Constantin feel comfortable to move on to the next Mortal Instruments film, I’m happy for that.”

In his interview with Metro in October Jamie talked about getting in shape.

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“The last movie I did, The Mortal Instruments, when I got the role I was out of shape and I had to get in shape. Putting it that way makes it sound simple, well it is. But with that comes self-criticism and it does get difficult.”

He also revealed he wanted to be in the Twilight movies.

He said, “I wanted to be involved in the first Twilight film. I wanted to play Edward. Unfortunately, when it came along, I wasn’t available for meetings and I was on tour.”

As for Los Angeles he doesn’t want to live there.

He stated, “I suppose having my private life splashed everywhere is the nature of the beast, it happens sometimes. That’s one of the reasons I don’t live in Los Angeles. You’re only enticing your life if you do. I can’t stand people that live there and complain about (being papped), why don’t you just move out? I know it’s where the industry is but, if you’re that successful, you don’t have to be there. It’s a bit of a mind f*** that on.”

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  1. michele schultz

    God bless ur future endeavors happiest of birthdays to you

  2. Angel Mckinney

    Happy Birthday Love. I hope to see you continue on as Jace Wayland Morgenstern Harendale Lightwood 😀 You did a wonderful job portraying the charactoer and the film was great.


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