Hollywood Celebrities Attend Annual TeenNick HALO Awards

Celebrities recently attended the annual TeenNick HALO Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood. Co-hosted by Jennette McCurdy and Kevin Jonas, the awards ceremony honored the philanthropic work of teens across the country. Fall Out Boy and Austin Mahone also performed at the live TV event!

Celebrity Teen Scoop was also in attendance at the HALO Awards and got to chat with Jennette and other young stars like Cameron Ocasio of Sam & Cat, Jacob Bertrand of the Jinxed TV movieDamarr Calhoun of Instant Mom, singer-songwriter Becky G, and Diego Velazquez of The Thundermans!

While working the orange carpet, Celebrity Teen Scoop chatted with Jennette McCurdy about what she thought of the TeenNick HALO Awards.

“It is going great,” Jennette shared. “I am so excited to be here to honor young people who are helping to give back and help make the world a better place.”

The Sam & Cat star also revealed how she gives back to the community.

“I just like making other people happy and seeing them smile,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be big; if you can do something small, like holding the door open for someone, that’s great!”

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Jacob Bertrand, star of the new TV movie Jinxed, also talked to Celebrity Teen Scoop about why the TeenNick HALO Awards are so important.

It’s a really cool time to give back,” Jacob said. “You see all of the spectacular things everyone has done and accomplished over the year. It makes you feel good! I give back by donating to Shades of Inspiration.”

The talented actor also chatted about Jinxed.

Jinxed is a TV movie about a cursed family. In the movie, my sister and I are trying to break the curse. I play the role of Charlie.”

And what was it like working with Ciara Bravo on the movie?

“Ciara is the funniest, kindest, and sweetest person you will ever meet!” Jacob said. “It is always so much fun working with her. She is super nice!”

 He also chatted about how he got his start in the acting industry.

“It all started in preschool when I was around four. During naptime, I did not want to nap and instead I went up on the table and started singing the Batman theme song. One of my friends went home and told her mom, a producer, about it.  She told my mom that I had to get into the business and recommended me to an agent. That’s how it all started.”

He went on to reveal his favorite part about being an actor.

“I love acting and stuff like this!” Jacob said. “These events are always fun and being on the orange carpet here never gets old!” [laughs]

And what is up next for the rising star?

He said, “I just shot two Disney XD pilots, so I am crossing my fingers on those!”

Celebrity Teen Scoop also chatted with Jack Griffo, who stars as Max in Nickelodeon’s new live-action comedy series The Thundermans.

“The HALO Awards are important, because they are a really cool and unique way to recognize people who are not in this big entertainment industry. Most of the awards shows during the year are in recognition of the things that us entertainers do. It is important to be a part of something that recognizes people for wonderful things they do that are sometimes hidden.”

Jack Griffo’s character in The Thundermans has superhero powers, so Jack shared what superhero power he would love to have in real life!

“It would be invisibility. Flying is so cliche, but I also think that is a really good one. I would either want to fly or be invisible,” Jack shared.

And which actors would he love to work with?

“Someone really cool like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, or Emile Hirsch.”

He also shared what it was like working with actress Ciara Bravo on the TV movie Jinxed.

“It was cool! I play her love interest in the movie and it was such a cool experience up in Vancouver. It was different than anything I’ve ever done before.”

He also opened up about his upcoming projects.

“We are just filming the first season of The Thundermans and we are on the seventeenth episode. We have twenty, so we have four more episodes to go! After that, I have the Jinxed premiere, which is going to be really cool. That movie comes out on November 29th. We film until December, then who knows!”

Also in attendance was Jack Griffo’s The Thundermans co-star Addison Riecke, who plays Nora on the showShe opened up about how she got her start in acting.

“I got started when I was seven years old,” the talented young actress shared. “I enrolled in an acting school in New Orleans and then I got my manager and agent. I started going on auditions from there.”

And who would she love to work with someday?

“Probably Jennifer Lawrence. I love The Hunger Games and she is such a humble and amazing actress!”

Cameron Ocasio, who stars as Dice on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat, also stopped by to chat. He shared why he was excited to be at the TeenNick Halo Awards.

“I am super excited, because I can’t wait to see what kids have come up with to help the world and stop bullying!” Cameron said. “Bullying is just so horrible!”

He also shared the best part about being on Sam & Cat. 

“I love that I can hang out and goof off with Jennette and Ariana. They are hilarious! They are like my big sisters. We always goof around and have a great time. I also like playing Dice, because he is such an awesome character.”

Cameron also shared how he got his start in acting.

“I started when I was eight years old,” he said. “I did a big acting competition called IMTA, which I did really well in. I all started from there.”

Claire Schlissel and Jen Mozenter, a.k.a the talented New York-based DJ production duo The Jane Doze, also chatted with Celebrity Teen Scoop about their experience at the TeenNick HALO Awards.

“It is so cool to be able to curate the music for the night,” Claire said. “We are playing music that introduces everyone’s story, which we love doing. We love building the excitement and keeping the party going.”

They also opened up about their greatest musical inspirations.

“We love Robin, as she is really under-rated, as well as great pop music,” Jen shared. “The music will be a little different for this awards show, but we are typically progressive house meets pop…something that will keep you dancing all night.”

And how did the talented duo get their start in making music?

“We both grew up playing music and we got into music production in college,” Claire said. “We met when I was still in college and Jen had just graduated, then we started working together. We quit our day jobs eleven months ago to work on our music full-time, so it’s been nonstop. We are traveling so much doing shows, and we have a lot of productions coming out. We have our official remix of Britney Spears’s new single coming out in a few weeks too!”

They also shared who they would love to collaborate with one day!

“We love Madeon and would love to work with him,” Claire shared.” We would also love to collaborate with Robin again and Katy Perry. We just want to make a big pop-dance track!”

Damarr Calhoun, star of the Nick at Nite comedy series Instant Mom, also stopped by and gave Celebrity Teen Scoop insight on his favorite part about being an actor.

“I love having fun with it all, whether that be going on auditions, shooting pilots, or being in the background. I love having fun with it and trying my best.”

He also revealed what it is like working with former Sister, Sister star Tia Mowry-Hardrict on the show!

“Wow, she is amazing,” Damarr said. “We all hang out and she always makes us crack up!”

Celebrity Teen Scoop also chatted with Tylen Jacob Williams, Damarr’s Instant Mom co-star, about his experience at the TeenNick HALO Awards

Tylen said, “It is great to help the children who are helping the community!”

And what does he love the most about being an actor?

“Probably the feeling of going into an audition with someone else. It’s like, I don’t know if I am going to get the part and I don’t know if you are going to get it, because we are not in the mindset of the casting people and producers. We don’t know who will get it, but we do know that someone in that room is definitely going to be cast in the show.”

He also shared what it is like working with Tia Mowry-Hardrict on Instant Mom

“She’s great! She is like another kid on the set,” Tylen shared. “Instead of three kids on the set, there are four: me, Damarr, Sydney, and Tia.”

Actress Bailey Michelle Brown, who stars as Janie in Nick at Nite’s See Dad Run, also stopped by on Nickelodeon’s orange carpet to chat about the TeenNick HALO Awards.

Bailey said, “It’s so great, because all of these teens are supporting wonderful charities.”

And what is her favorite part about acting and being on See Dad Run? 

“You get to meet all these great people and make new friends,” Bailey shared. “I work with such wonderful friends. They are so nice.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop also chatted with Diego Velazquez, star of Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, about being at the TeenNick HALO Awards.

“It is so great to be here with the Thundermans cast and my friend Jacob Bertrand,” Diego said. “It is so awesome!”

Diego also chatted about why giving back is so important to him.

“It is great to help people who are going through a hard time,” he said.

Singer-songwriter and rapper Becky G also stopped by to chat with Celebrity Teen Scoop

“I am super excited to be here tonight, mostly to see my girl Rocio receive recognition for all of the amazing work she’s done. She’s really helped young women. I m a Cover Girl, and she is the true example of what a Cover Girl really is. It’s all about female empowerment, being independent, and showing young girls that you need to be well-educated. She shows that you can make things happen on your own!”

And why are the HALO Awards important to her?

“The HALO Awards are important, as they show that youth are truly making things happen by changing the world and helping the community.” Becky G shared. “The fact that it is televised shows young kids around the world who aren’t here that it is possible to make a difference. It’s inspirational to see these kids actually making things happen right here in their homes and communities. It’s truly amazing.”

She also chatted about her upcoming projects. 

Becky G shared, “I am going on tour with Austin Mahone in February, and my album will be coming out in the spring. I am really excited about that.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop also chatted with Amber Montana, who stars as Taylor on Haunted Hathaways. 

“I am very excited to be here, because I think it is amazing that there is an awards show where kids can get awards for doing good things for other people. Every awards show is about people giving awards to celebrities, and this show is about celebrities giving awards to real kids.”

She also told Celebrity Teen Scoop what Haunted Hathaways is all about.

Haunted Hathaways is about a family, the Hathaway family, that moves into a New Orleans house that is haunted by three ghosts,” Amber shared. “At first we try to ghost-bust them out, but it doesn’t work and we all become a family.”

And how did the talented star get into acting?

“I started doing a little acting when I was around six years old, because I had a friend who did it,” Amber revealed.” I auditioned for a little movie and got it, then I totally caught the acting bug and had to come out to California. After six years it’s finally worked!”

Amber’s Haunted Hathaways co-starLil P-Nut, also chatted with Celebrity Teen Scoop about what he liked about being at the TeenNick HALO Awards.

“I am excited to be here tonight to support all of the causes that the kids contributed to. I am here to support everyone. I like to give back, because giving back is such a good thing. You can do one small thing and change someone’s whole day and whole life. I like to support this event, because it comes from my heart and it’s good for other people.”

He also opened up about his role on Haunted Hathaways!

“I play the role of Louie in the show, and I have ghosts in my family,” Lil P-Nut shared. “A family moves in to the New Orleans house from New York, but my family tries to scare them out. It never happens so we all end up sticking together.”

Curtis Harris Jr., Lil P-Nut’s Haunted Hathaways co-star, also stopped by to chat with Celebrity Teen Scoop.

“I am excited to see all these kids who have done really good things for the community,” Curtis shared. “I am glad that they are getting recognition for the things that they are doing.”

He also opened up about playing Miles on Haunted Hathaways.

“My character Miles is a ghost who is kind of like Casper, because he wants to fit in with everyone. He is very nice and educated. I connect to Miles, because I am also sometimes a quirky tech-geek . I am also really funny!”

Lyle Lettau, star of TeenNick’s hit drama Degrassi, also chatted with Celebrity Teen Scoop about the HALO Awards.

“I honestly think that the HALO Awards are one of the most important award ceremonies. We don’t have any other awards shows that honor kids like this, and it’s really inspiring for other kids to see.”

Lyle’s Degrassi co-star Jessica Tyler also stopped by to chat about why the HALO Awards are important to her.

“We are excited to be here to honor the teens that we read about,” Jessica shared. “It is such an amazing thing that they are all doing. It is also great to let everyone know about Feed The Children, which is our main charity. It’s a great event!”

Celebrity Teen Scoop also go to catch up with actress Melinda Shankar, who stars as Alli on Degrassi, about the importance of giving back.

“I think right now with the social media and bullying in this day, it’s really nice to show that it’s cool to give back,” she shared.

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