Forever In Your Mind Open Up On ‘X Factor’ & New Single

Fresh off the current season of The X FactorForever In Your Mind has released their first single and video She Lights The World. The boy band put together by Simon Cowell are made up of Emery Kelly, 15, from Long Island, Ricky Garcia, 14, from San Antonio and Jon Klaasen, 15, of Indiana.

The video got 14,000 views within 3 days. The single was written by Grammy winner Charlie Midnight and Allen Copeland, and the video was filmed on location in Los Angeles at the famous LACMA backdrop.

Watch the video: She Lights The World

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently caught up with Emery, Ricky and Jon to chat about their time on The X Factor and their road to releasing their new album in 2014.

CTS: Congratulations on your success on the X Factor!  What was it like to perform on such a hugely popular show?

Jon: You hear it a lot, but it was the experience of a lifetime that has opened many doors and amazing opportunities for us.

Emery: Yeah, X Factor was an amazing experience for us all, we learned a lot!

Ricky: I was really nervous before going onstage but once I got out there it was so much fun! Being in front of a big crowd gives you so such a rush.

CTS: We read that Simon Cowell put you all together.  How did that come about?  What is he like to work with?

E: I met Jon and Ricky at the auditions and we got on really well.

J: Yeah, Emery auditioned as a solo artist in Long Island and myself and Ricky auditioned in Denver as part of a five piece group, Simon asked me and Ricky to stay but not the others in our group. Me and Ricky knew each other before we went onto the show.

R: Yeah we lived in the same apartment block. When our band was split up that was tough, as much as we were soooo excited to be given a chance we felt really bad about our other band mates.  They were and still are really supportive though which is nice.

E: We all actually hung out together once we got through to the LA based rounds. After we were all eliminated, our three names were called into see the judges.

J: We were like ‘shocked face’ wait what!?

E: They brought us in to see the judges and told us they wanted us to form a group together!

R: We went from being really down from being eliminated to being totally crazy excited to be given a second chance and with these two awesome guys too!  Simon was awesome, he’s actually one of the nicest guys to work with.

CTS: You just released your first single and video, ‘She Lights The World’.  Tell us a little bit about the song and your experience shooting a video.

J: The song is about finding that one special girl that’s your best friend and she just lights your world.  The shoot was so great under the lights at LACMA, the car was the bomb and the patio with the city lights was an amazing place!

R: This is one of my favorite songs. I actually recorded it solo one year ago. When the band came together we decided to record together. It about a girl of our dreams.. Shooting the music video was really cool! We shot a lot of it at the big lights by the musuems in LA.

E: She Lights The World is a fun, catchy song about the perfect girl… Ricky may already know her ha ha!

R: Shut Up!

E: Does She light Your world Ricky ?

J:  (laughs)

CTS: Where you all solo singers before becoming a band?

J: I have been a solo singer and part of several bands through a program back home in Indiana as well as lead singer in my own garage band.  I like being versatile to sing lead or harmonies.

R: Yes I was singing solo before the band. I was a Justin Bieber impersonator when I was younger.

J: Baby Baby Baby.

E&J: Ohhhhh

E:  I was yes, I did a lot of theater and acting before.

CTS: Who came up with the name?  How was it chosen?

J: The X Factor came up with the name, we had a really short amount of time between being formed and performing on the show.

R: Yeah I guess they wanted us to be Forever In Your Mind!

E: You’re so cheesy!

R: I know I know

J: But it’s true ha ha, We will Forever Be In Your Minds.

CTS: Who are your musical inspirations?  What would you say is your musical style?

J: My closest inspirations are my family and their love of music.  Next would be the teachers from the private lessons I’ve had over the years who have invested so much in me and my career.  The inspirations that everyone would know are Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Adam Levine, Austin Mahone

R: Yeah Justin Beiber for me too. Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, John Legend and many more. My style is more soulful/pop

E: My inspiration is Jason Mraz, he puts so much passion into his music. I’d describe our style as pop and a bit of RnB.

CTS: What’s up next for you?  Are you planning a tour?

R: Right now we’re recording songs for our album which we’re super excited to share with everyone!

J: We’d love to tour once our album comes out!

E: We also have a Christmas song coming out in December too! We just filmed the video for that and had so much fun.

J: Yeah we can’t say too much about the video it’s all Top Secret

R: Ooooooooooooooh

E:  … but you’re going to love it, seriously let’s just say there’s some Christmas Magic and a few bruises in there!

J: That sounds so weird

E: It does doesn’t it! OK Christmas Magic there’s lots of Christmas Magic in there! Ha ha

CTS: How are you combining school and music?

J: We’re getting better at it, We’re so busy with the band but we schedule in time for our school work. Me and Ricky are both home schooled which makes things a lot easier.

R: It’s tough but like Jon said, we’re home schooled which gives us more flexibility

J: As much as we love music and the band, we still all want to get a good education, that’s really important to us.

E: I’m currently still in school in Long Island, they’ve been really good with me and helped me out but I’m switching to Home Schooling from January so we can all work to the same schedule.

R: Yeah, so basically we’re working hard to become the most intelligent band on the planet.

J: ha ha like super intelligent superheroes or something ?

E: Well we already have our super hero names!

R: Oh yeah, Well I’m Spider Man, Emery is Captain America and Jon is Batman!  Our fans send us really funny super hero edits all the time.

E: We’re going off track here.

J: Yeah, sorry! Ha Ha

CTS: Any advice for young artists looking to break into the music business?

J: Be sure it’s your passion, know that any rejection you get isn’t necessarily about you personally but an opportunity to learn and become a better artist and the best person you can be.

R: There’s a lot of hard work and dedication involved! Believe in yourself and work hard every day on your music.

E: Be confident, Be humble, work hard and expect long hours!

J: And have fun!

R: Yes, lots of fun!

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  1. Tina Alexander

    Jon, watching you grow up at church and hang out with my son Zachary, I knew you were talented. Your inspiration is amazing to all young teens out there and has even had an impact on Zachary again. I’m so proud of you!! Continue to stay focused in your faith knowing that our Lord has blessed you with your talents and you will be the most successful musician in the business. I will be watching and praying. You are blessed young one!! Hugs and blessings from the Alexander family!!

  2. i love forever in your mind! I am honestly happy to have been a fan since day one. They are amazing and very talented! Besides that, I am extremely stocked on their album coming soon (:

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