Happy 18th Birthday Laura Marano!

Happy birthday to Austin & Ally’s Laura Marano who turns 18 today (November 29)!
The actress tweeted: “AHH I can’t believe I’m 18! For my first act as a mature 18 year old, I am going to see Frozen…because I am THAT sophisticated 😀 😀 #YAY”

She also sent out a Thanksgiving Day greeting on Thursday and wrote: “Happy Turkey Day! I hope everyone has a wonderful, love-filled, and happy Thanksgiving! #IAmThankfulForAllOfYou #YOUALLROCK”.

In a September interview she said that she’s a lot like her character Ally.

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Marano shared, “Honestly, she is so much like me. As an actress, you always bring a part of yourself to the character; even if you are playing someone who is completely opposite to you, you still bring a little part of yourself to the role. Right from the beginning Ally was so similar to me the only different, and it was a big difference, was these fears that she had. She was insecure, and she had stage fright; and this is not like me at all. But with everything else we were so very similar.

“So I thought it was cool that I not only got to play someone who was so much like me, but the biggest difference between us is something that I have had a lot of fun with. Ally and I are both super quirky, and it has been great to embrace the quirks and the awkwardness; which is what I have been doing.”

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  1. My birthday is also November 29


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