Elizabeth Olsen Shares John Stamos Crush Story On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Elizabeth Olsen stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (November 27) to talk about her new movie Oldboy and her crush on John Stamos when she was growing up.

She explained that a year ago she was sitting in a restaurant where the actor came up to her and said he read the story where she spoke of her crush and how she wanted him to tickle her when she was on the set of Full House with her sisters Mary-Kate & Ashley.  She said, “I was so embarrassed.”

Earlier this week it was announced that the 24-year-old has joined the cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron as the Scarlet Witch. Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play her on-screen brother Quicksilver.

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She told Moviefone, “I just love Scarlet Witch. I love her. It’s so funny because I’m often thinking about all these psychologically damaged people, but when you talk about Scarlet Witch … she is a messed-up lady. She has got more sh*t to deal with than anybody else I know.”

“I’m excited to figure out what’s appropriate to use for her, because there’s so much material from all of these decades, and we’re going to tell this one story. So to be able to choose what you’re going to bring into it from all of this abundance, it’s really fun.”

As for Oldboy she admitted in another interview that she was a little nervous working on the Spike Lee movie because she loved the original.

She said, “I think I have this new idea about it all. While I was doing Romeo and Juliet off-Broadway, a movie version of the play and a Broadway production were going on at the same time. Any time you have the construct of a good story, there is always going to be more than one interpretation. That’s been a common occurrence since the days of Greek tragedies. In that context, a re-imagining of Oldboy is not superfluous or out of the question.”

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