Jennifer Lawrence: Spiders Make Me Cry

Jennifer Lawrence may fearlessly triumph over her enemies as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games series, but in real life it takes a much smaller force to take her down: spiders. The actress reveals that when she encountered one of the eight-legged creatures on the Hawaii set of Catching Fire, she couldn’t hold back the tears.

”Everybody told me there were no spiders, so when I saw three, I started crying,” Jennifer confessed to OK! magazine. “Jungles are not easy when you’re afraid of everything.”

”I think I am a legitimate alcoholic. No, what’s it called? An Arachnophobic,” she laughed.

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The 23-year-old is already hard at work filming Mockingjay – the third film in the Hunger Games series – but admits she wants to take a break to avoid overexposure. ”I would like to slow it down. You don’t want more than one or two movies out a year; people get sick of you,” she said.

Jennifer also revealed what keeps her fueled, and what helps her slow down. ”I think youth and caffeine have kept me going until now,” she quipped. “To unwind? I do nothing other than bad TV and a couch.”

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