Olivia Holt: Hollywood Christmas Parade Fun

Olivia Holt attended the Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday (December 1). The I Didn’t Do It star shared photos via Instagram of herself and fellow Disney friends Kat McNamara, Austin North and Dylan Snyder.

One caption reads: “Keepin it classy with my pretend brother HollywoodChristmasParade”

Austin also posted a pic and said, “Selfie in the car at the #hollywoodchristmasparade with @olivia_holt and @dylanrsnyder.”

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In an interview last year – the 16-year-old explained how she got into acting,

She said, “Ever since I was little my sister and I would put on little plays in front of my family. My mom saw how much we both enjoyed it and she took us to a local theater in our hometown. We had so much fun just being up on stage and being able to perform and become a different character. It was all so much fun to me.

“I think I booked my first role for a Hasbro commercial when I was 10, and I had so much fun. The camera, the actors, and just the whole crew was so much fun to work with and I thought, “Wow. This is cool.” I never really experienced anything like that because I was so used to being up on stage. But being in front of a camera and then watching it air on TV was really cool.”

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  1. i love olivia and i am glad she’s getting a show on disney channel because the first time i sen her on disneyxdshe just caught my eyes andi as like wow! i want to be her
    and i have just wanted to be her the whole time she just se so bright;)

  2. i love olivia holt eversince i seen her on disneyxd i want to be her she just seems so bright

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