Harry Styles Steps Out With Kendall Jenner, Confuses The World

Make up your mind, Harry Styles! Just days after it was reported that Harry was “secretly dating” British model Daisy Lowe, Us Weekly is reporting that the One Direction singer was spotted out at a bar in Manhattan with Kendall Jenner.

The magazine says a source spotted the couple dancing at the popular gay bar Therapy on Saturday (December 7) but that they “didn’t make a huge deal about it.” Earlier in the day Harry and Kendall were seen leaving the Ganservoort Hotel together. You’ve got some ‘splaining to do, Harry.

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The source also reports that Harry – who is apparently a regular customer of the bar – “walked out when they played ‘What Makes You Beautiful,'” when he and Kendall were recognized. “He was holding Kendall’s hand,” the source continues.

Meanwhile, Harry and Daisy were seen together frequently during the month of November, most visibly at TV host Alexa Chung’s 30th birthday party where they were said to have been “all over each other.” Before that they were also spotted at Pixie Geldof’s 23rd bash and back in September they attended a W Magazine party for London Fashion Week.

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  1. ireen

    I think the real question is, why was he spending his time at a gay bar? lol.

  2. Just saying

    He isn’t officially dating either of them. As long as he’s being honest with them, he can hang out with whomever he wants. Just because he is seen with a girl/ woman doesn’t mean they are dating. They could just be friends. Everyone is just guessing & making accusing. Whenever Harry wants you to know who he’s with then he’ll tell you. He shouldn’t rush into a serious exclusive relationship. He needs a chance to get to know someone before making a commitment & having people interfere always makes relationships more difficult. Just give him time there is no rush for him to be with someone.


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