Robert Pattinson Signs Onto ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’

Robert Pattinson has landed a part in The Childhood of a Leader alongside Tim Roth and Juliette Binoche. Variety reports the drama is being directed by Brady Corbet. It will be his first time after winning honorable mention at Sundance in 2009 for his short Protect You + Me.

Meanwhile the rumor of Kristen Stewart visiting Rob in London for the holidays is false. A source  said, “Rob reached out to Kristen to congratulate her for Camp X-Ray being selected for Sundance. They talked for awhile and by the end of the conversation he invited her to come see him in London. Not sure if she’s 100% going to take him up on it, but she was just so happy.”

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Another source shared, “Kristen would love to see Rob in London but she doesn’t want to be the source of any tension between Rob and his sisters. She feels like she’s on good terms with Rob’s mom after all the cheating drama.”

The friend added, “If things were different with the rest of his family, she would be there for Christmas, but she still has concerns. The last thing she wants is to bring any drama whatsoever to Rob’s world.”

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