To Be One Chats New Single, Experience On America’s Dance Crew

If you’re a huge fan of Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake, you will go gaga over the dance tracks of pop trio To Be One. The boy band, consisting of talented teen musicians Mikey Fusco, Madison Alamia, and Jason Smith, just released the video for their new single, “Do You.”  The group chatted with CelebrityTeenScoop about their journey from dancing to singing, their brotherly bond and hoping to win a Grammy some day.  They’re also giving us an exclusive look at their new video!

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CTS: Can you tell us about your new single “Do You?”

Mikey: Of course. We recorded it a little bit ago and we just released it on SoundCloud.  It was fun to record because it was definitely different from our first single “Where you Want to Go.”  It had a little bit of an urban edge to it.  We also like switching up our music and not keeping it unpredictable.

CTS: What is the inspiration behind this song?

Madison: The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory.  It’s about being yourself and “doing you,” and trying to be a leader and not following in other people’s footsteps.

Mikey: Yeah! Don’t be afraid to “do you!”

CTS: How do you go about trying to write a song together?

Mikey: We collaborated with writers on this song.  We told them the ideas we wanted to have and what we’d like to talk about. As I mentioned, we like to switch up our music. Whether it’s taking about being yourself or talking about girls, we help our writers manage what we like and turn it into our own music.

CTS: What is your musical style?

Jason: We all like different types of music, and will listen to any type.  We don’t just like hip hop or r&b, and that reflects in all of our music that we record. We like to switch it up from pop to other music we listen to, and that’s why our album’s going to be really unpredictable and different and have each type of sound for each song.

Madison: We try to incorporate the music we listen to into the music that we make.  On our album, there’s an alternative pop song, an alternative hip-hop, an alternative house and an alternative urban song.  There’s even a ballad on there so there’s all different types of genres that we throw in because we want to be unpredictable.  We want people to be like, “What’s the next one gonna sound like?”

Mikey: We like to please everyone so if someone likes a certain sound we try and get their sound in there. It’s awesome to record music that we like and listen to.

CTS: Do you all share the same vision for your music?

Mikey: I guess.

Madison: Yeah, I think so.

Jason: Yeah.

Mikey: We’ve all grown up together.  We’ve always had the same genres and styles of music that we like to listen to.

Madison: We’ve known each other since we were seven years old. We’ve grown up together and we listen and dance to the same music.

Jason: We’ve grown up learning about dancing, and singing, and we’ve all been inspired by the same type of sound.

Mikey: We also have the same dream and share the same passions.

CTS: You’re runners up on Season Six of America’s Dance Crew.  How did you decide to transition from dancing into singing?

Jason: We’ve always loved music, so it’s not a new type of category for us to be open to.  We’ve definitely wanted to explore and to do new things. It wasn’t like we said, “We’ve got to try this.” It was definitely a challenge, but it wasn’t something entirely new because we have a sense of musicality since we are dancers.

Madison: Growing up being a dancer, you’re always associated with music. We’re all incorporated into music in a different way. He plays guitar (gestures to Purple Shirt), I play piano and DJ, he likes to write music (gestures to blue Shirt) so we all have a certain part in music that we love to do individually, and we put it all together. We grew up dancing to other people’s music, and in the back of our heads, it was our dream to make our own music to dance to.

Mikey: Of course, dancing was great.  Our dream was always to be on that stage singing and putting on a great show.  We love entertaining and we want to see smiles on people’s faces from us putting on a great show. We love to make great music make people happy, keep them energetic, dance for them and get them hyped anyway we can.

Madison: We don’t just want to be singers. We want to dance as well because we like to consider ourselves to be entertainers and that’s the whole package.

Jason: We don’t want people to say we just dance and sing.

CTS: You incorporate your dance background into your music then?

Madison: Yes, exactly.

CTS: You end up spending quite a bit of time together, especially when you’re touring.  Are you guys pretty close friends?

Madison: We are actually more like brothers.

Mikey: As we have known each other for so long, we have literally established a brotherhood. We live together now, eat at the same time, sleep at the same time, run on the same schedule, and do the same thing.

Mikey: We’re closer than ever now and we’re enjoying this rollercoaster ride.

CTS: How do you keep the peace if there are disagreements?

Mikey: We are brothers, so the fights do come along with the brotherhood.

Jason: They are brotherly fights.

Mikey: If we had an older or younger brother they’d be the same kind of fights. We’d hear a song that the producers wanted us to listen to for the first time and one of us would have a different idea or one of us would really love this song, but Jason would say, “Ah, I’m not feeling it as much.”  We have to come to a fair agreement.

Jason: We listen and take in each other’s opinion into account.

Mikey: Sometimes one of us will say, “Hey, I made my eggs, so it’s your turn to do the dishes.”

Madison: Brotherly stuff that happens every day.

Mikey: Put your socks in the wash.

CTS: Who are some of your favorite musicians, singers or songwriters?

Madison: Number one for all of us is Justin Timberlake. We grew up watching his music videos and listening to his music.  He’s our idol and someone who inspired us to do what we do.

Mikey: We feel he has an amazing sound.  He’s unique and an arena veteran. He does it all. People love and respect what he does.  We aspire to have longevity like him and follow in his footsteps.

CTS: What’s going to follow your new single?  What are your musical goals?

Mikey: Wow! One of our main goals is to win a Grammy, eventually. We’re working hard for that, but for now we want to put out great music for people to enjoy and get a vibe for who we are.  That will show in our album that will be coming out very soon.

CTS: What do you guys like to do when you’re hanging out and having fun?

Jason: We’re always working, listening to music, and involved with music. Besides music, we all like to write and hang out.

Madison: Almost 100% of the time, our downtime consists of music. If we’re just chilling out on the couch talking, there’s probably music playing in the background. I’m probably making beats and he’s probably writing lyrics (gestures to blue Shirt) and he’s playing the guitar (gestures Purple shirt).

Mikey: If it’s not musical, we’ll either be watching MTV, playing and keeping up with sports, or mixing music, but it’s usually music. Sometimes we just do boy stuff.

Mikey: We talk about girls.

Madison: Regular teenaged stuff.


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