Diego Velazquez On Hit Show The Thundermans, His Start to Success

Diego Velazquez is definitely an actor to watch for! Starring in The Thundermans on Nickelodeon, the charming 13-year-old is making a splash in the acting circuit playing Billy, a quirky and spacey superhero with a love for comic books and video games.

Celebrity Teen Scoop chatted with Diego about his role on The Thundermans, the auditioning process, and how his passion for acting onscreen began. It all started with a love for costumes!

CTS: You play a superhero named Billy on The Thundermans. Can you tell us about your role?

Diego: “Billy is not the smartest of The Thundermans; he lives on his own little planet. Sometimes he’s a little bit out of it, but he’s also like me because he’s nerdy and geeky and we both like comic books and video games. You can tell he does, because in a couple of the episodes you can find Billy playing on a DS, and I have a DS too.”

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CTS: What are some of the highlights of filming the series?

Diego: “Getting to meet the cast. They are great friends, and I love them all.  Kira and I go to the same school, so I get to see her all the time. It’s so fun seeing her with her friends and getting to hang out with everyone.”

CTS: How did you get the part on the show? Was there a standard audition process?

Diego: “It’s a long story. We were down in LA for a little getaway from school. My agent called and said, ‘There’s this audition for a lead role in a Nickelodeon series. Do you think you’d be able to go do that?’ My mom told me about it and I said, ‘Yeah, that would be fun.’ I went out to the audition and I didn’t get the part, as it went to one of my classmates who goes to my  school. Then a couple months later, they said, ‘Actually, we would like Diego to audition again.’ My parents said, ‘Oh. We’re back in Portland now—we’re not in LA. Do they really want him that much that we need to fly down there?’ They called us at 9-o-clock at night and said, ‘We need you on a plane tomorrow.’ We then went out for one audition and then found out that I got the part. I was super duper excited.”

CTS: When did you get started in acting?

Diego: “When I was really little, I never really wanted toys…I just wanted costumes. A couple years later, I went out when I was seven years old for an open casting call for a lead role in a movie. It was a Brendan Frasier/ Harrison Ford movie, so it was a really big movie. I auditioned and right when I was  close to getting the part, my mom and I thought, ‘I should probably get an agent.’ I didn’t have an agent at the time until we started the movie. Then we found out a couple days later that I got the part.”

CTS: Which actors and actresses would you like to work with one day?

Diego: “I would like to work with Brad Pitt, because he’s always in action movies and I really liked what he did in World War Z. I really want to be in a zombie movie with him.”

CTS: What do you like to do in your free time?

Diego: “I really like to hang out with my friends, like the cast offset, or friends I’ve met at school. They show me new stuff to do. For example, my friend Bjorn from Portland, Oregon, and I decided to go at eight o’clock one night to the arcade, and that was really fun.”

CTS: Do you have any favorite movies or TV shows you like to watch?

Diego: “My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. I love zombies. I was actually a zombie for Halloween.”

CTS: Besides The Thundermans, what other projects are you working on?

Diego: “Not really anything right now. I have gone out for one audition but my agent said I can’t because I’m on this show. I’m not really allowed to be doing anything outside Nickelodeon because I’m really busy.”

CTS: Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

Diego: “I really hope to see myself still acting and creating a video game, hopefully. Any kind— if it’s a video game that I made with a couple of friends, then I’ll be happy with it.”

To catch Diego on The Thundermans, tune into Nickelodeon on Saturdays at 9/8 p.m. Central.

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