Forever In Your Mind: Feeling Just Like Christmas!

X-Factor favorites Forever In Your Mind are getting ready for the holidays, and they recently shared some of their plans with Celebrity Teen Scoop. Listen in as Emery Kelly, Ricky Garcia and Jon Klaasen talk about their favorite family traditions and some of the things that are on their list of New Year’s resolutions. The boys also have a holiday single out, ‘This Feels Just Like Christmas’ – check out the video below!

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us how you plan to spend the holidays?  Any special holiday traditions you’re looking forward to?

Emery: I am going to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Christmas Eve to see my family, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We are Italian, so the tradition that we have is the Feast of Fish, and then at midnight we eat “normal” food. I hate fish! Christmas Day we open presents, go to church, and stay home and relax with my mom, dad and my sister Veronica.

Another holiday tradition is my Great Grandma “Nona Millie” makes Mufalettas which we eat at midnight on New Years Eve. A muff is ricotta cheese, crumbled bacon, mozzerella cheese, and lard on a hard roll cooked in the oven till it melts. I don’t really like those either, but everyone else does.

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Jon: I will be having a blast with my family and hopefully hanging in the snow! I love the Christmas lights! My mom makes the best pecan pies and they are always a favorite.

Ricky: I’m in Texas for the holidays spending time with my family and friends.We have many fun traditions. I’m looking forward to decorating our Christmas tree tomorrow. I’m looking forward to driving around the neighborhoods looking at all the cool decorations.

CTS: Which one of you is willing to share their New Year’s resolutions?

Emery: I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions yet. But I will practice the guitar more and try to write some songs. I will keep my room clean. I will give up midnight snacking.

Jon: I want to learn more from the producers we are working with, so I can continue to grow as an artist with my skills in performing, writing and now recording.

Ricky: I want to workout more. That is my own personal resolution. For the band, I hope we finish recording our album and maybe start touring. That would be awesome.

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