Ed Westwick: “London Still Has My Heart”

Ed Westwick is concentrating on his acting career after six years of being on Gossip Girl. He recently talked to Refinery29 about living in Los Angeles and his favorite shows.

On his believable American accent: “I mean, I wouldn’t say struggled with it in any way, you know. It was a challenge getting to know the language and getting to know the timing. But, one of the things that was very beneficial to me as an actor was, through Julian’s adaptation, I was able to understand more of the language and the message we were trying to communicate through the dialogue. And, I thought instead of finding it difficult, it was an interesting challenge and it was a wonderful experience.”

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On his favorite TV shows: “One of the funny things is that when I first met Damian Lewis, when we were doing Romeo and Juliet, I adopted the fan mode and told Damian that I’m a huge fan — then I kind of felt like a bit of an idiot. But, no, I’m a huge fan of Homeland – unfortunately I haven’t seen the season premiere, so don’t spoil it for me. But Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, and Eastbound and Down, which is very different for an English man, but I love that as well.”

On living in Los Angeles: “One thing I always do in L.A.? Probably get more suntans than New York, you know. But, L.A. is great, as well. I mean, I’m still getting to know it. You know I came here in January, and I was only here for a few months. I spent the summer in the UK, but recently came back, and am enjoying being part of the buzz here. I don’t think it’s going to be me forever. London still has my heart, it’s where my family is. One day I will make the pilgrimage home.”

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