Ian Somerhalder: Buddies With Woody Harrelson

Ian Somerhalder recently spent time with Woody Harrelson. The Vampire Diaries actor shareda photo of himself and Woody on his Twitter page.

He wrote: “Woody Harrelson, his mentor Tom Evans and Me in Georgia. Watching a mentor and a student relive a lifetime of experience together creating art. Amazing… Reminds me of how I can’t wait to direct- Tom Evans here wrote this book on Directing, amazing. “111 Directions for Directors”- I’ve learned so much tonight. Reminds me of how grateful I am for my mentor-they are important.”

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Ian and Woody both have an interest in making the world a sustainable place. Ian runs the Ian Somerhalder Foundation while Woody uses Prairie Paper Ventures – a company that makes paper from crop waste rather than trees.

Ian was recently at a Vampire Diaries convention when a fan asked him to marry her.

He replied,”You do not want to be married to me. Trust me. I’m a workaholic. I’m never home.”

He continued, “I have eight animals. Yeah, they’re adorable, but wait ’til you’re living with them…there’s five of them and they’re 25 pounds each…their turds are about the size of this microphone. I mean, it’s all day everyday. No, by the way, they’re the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever known.

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