IM5 Chats New Mashup Song, Working With Bella Thorne

Ladies, there’s a hot new boy band to follow! If you’re a fan of One Direction and Chris Brown, you will love the upbeat pop songs of IM5. Co-produced by Perez Hilton, IM5 consists of musicians Cole Pendery, Dalton Rapattoni, Dana Vaughns, Gabe Morales, and Will Jay. They recently released the video for their mashup of “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and “The Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna, and it’s a definite must-see!

Celebrity Teen Scoop chatted with IM5 about filming the music video for their “Demons”/”The Monster” mashup, their “new and different” musical style, and the best part about being in a boy band together. The talented (and cute!) musicians also chatted about their fave hobbies and their single “Can’t Stay Away” that features Bella Thorne!

CTS: You recently released the video for the mashup of “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and “The Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna. Could you tell us about the song and video? What inspired the mashup of those two songs?

Will: “Regarding the mashup, those two songs stood out in the Top 40 as interesting and different. They also had similar subject matter like demons and monsters. For the video, our videographer Chris David found an abandoned zoo up in the hills of Griffith Park. The video was a lot of fun to film!”

Dana: “This mashup is the most serious of them all. We chose those two songs, because they are popular, they worked well together, and they have the same theme.”

Gabe: “We found that the two songs meshed well. Will, who is the best at this, really took the reigns and created a great mashup. The inspiration was creating our first emotional mashup.”

Cole: “It was also cool to be able to throw ‘Thriller’ in as an unexpected twist.  It was definitely one of our favorite locations to shoot, because it offered an atmosphere that matched the feel of the songs.”

Dalton: “I’m a big fan of Imagine Dragons and was really happy to incorporate one of their songs into the mashup. Chris always comes through for us on the videos…he chose an amazing location to shoot.”

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CTS: Could you also tell us about your single “Can’t Stay Away” that features Bella Thorne?

All: “Our song ‘Can’t Stay Away’ with Bella Thorne is definitely one of our more upbeat songs. It was a fun summer song, and we ended up shooting a music video for it and even performed it live with her a few times. Funny story: we recorded the entire song separately from Bella, and then one day we saw her at an event and she said, ‘We have a song together!’ This made us very confused at first, but she definitely brings out the lighthearted nature of the song.”

CTS: What was it like working with Bella on the song and video?

All: “It was a lot of fun working with Bella. She’s one of the hardest workers we’ve ever met, a real professional.  We had a lot of good laughs on set and bounced off of each other’s personalities, which made a cool fusion of styles.”

CTS: How would you describe your musical style?

Will: “Our musical style is definitely pop, but we all come from different musical backgrounds. We take influence from a lot of different genres of music and incorporate them into our signature sound.”

Dana: “I personally like hip-hop,  R&B, and some pop music. Musically, I think I am the most like Usher and Chris Brown.

Gabe: “Our sound is pop, but different.”

Cole: “I think we’re still in the process of finding it, but it’s definitely pop with an edge.”

Dalton: “We’re trying to create something new and different from what’s out there in pop music.  We use our musical inspirations (which are all different) to find something edgier and new.”

CTS: What is your favorite part about being in a boy band?

All: “The best part about being in a boy band is that you never feel lonely; you have four other people by your side, going through exactly what you’re going through. It also makes touring a lot of fun. We’re definitely a brotherhood. Oh, and of course we love our 5ers!”

CTS: How do you all go about writing a song together?

Will: “It’s definitely a collaborative process; one person will come up with an idea and we build on that and bring different things to the table.”

Dana: “It’s hard to collaborate as a group sometimes, because we all have different musical tastes. However, we’re open to ideas from everyone and that usually helps.”

Gabe: “We start from a topic or a catchy line and work up from there.”

Cole: “We all just start throwing out ideas, which leads to a theme or concept for the song.”

Dalton: “It’s always different and depends on the mood we’re in that day.  Sometimes it happens quickly and we’re all on the same page, while other times we get stuck and can’t find a hook.”

CTS: Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

Will: “My main musical inspirations right now are definitely Ryan Tedder and Bruno Mars. Not only are they great singers, but they’re also great songwriters and producers. I want to do that as well as perform.”

Dana: “My greatest musical inspirations are Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Usher.”

Gabe: “Chris Brown is one of my musical inspirations.”

Cole: “Justin Timberlake.”

Dalton: “Blue October”

CTS: What advice do you have for people thinking of getting into the music industry?

All: “Definitely know who you want to be as an artist, as people will have their opinions about what they want you to be. However, if you know what kind of music you want to make, you’ll gain more respect that way. Also surround yourself with a strong team. If one link is weak, your chances of success will be slimmer than they could potentially be. Never give up.”

CTS: What do you all like to do in your free time, when you aren’t performing or writing songs?

Will: “I definitely love hanging out with friends, playing video games, and sleeping.”

Dana: “I like to go to the movies, play video games, and get fresh air!”

Gabe: “I love playing video games, being with my dogs, and hanging with friends.”

Cole: “I go to the movies and hang with friends.”

Dalton: “I play video games and sleep!”

CTS: What does IM5 have coming up? Any tours or projects?

All: “We’re on various tours in the upcoming year, and we’re also planning on releasing an official single now that we’re signed to Universal. We’re very excited for the New Year! You can tune into our website for more info, and check out IM5Band on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.”

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