Addison Riecke: I Live The Best Of Both Worlds

Addison Riecke is returning to the second season of the superhero comedy The Thundermans. The half-hour Nickelodeon series – which follows a pair of superhero twins, Phoebe and Max Thunderman – has been picked up for an additional 20 episodes. Addison plays one of the younger children in the family. She recently spoke to Celebrity Teen Scoop about being on the show, her love of music and living in Los Angeles.

CTS:  You star as Nora in the hit Nickelodeon series The Thundermans. Please tell us about the show and your character.  What drew you to the role?

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AR: The Thundermans are your typical suburban family that happen to have amazing superpowers.  Phoebe plays the good natured sibling, and tries to do the right thing.  Max is more of a troublemaker that dreams of one day being a supervilian.  Billy and Nora, my character, play the annoying younger siblings.  We all have pretty cool superpowers.  I have laser vision.

Nora is the youngest Thunderman child.  My character loves to banter with Billy.  I am similar to Nora in a lot of ways.  I have been told that I am wise beyond my years, and Nora knows a lot more than the average 8 year old. We both love to wear dresses and cardigans and we definitely share the love for the bow!

CTS:  Are you having fun filming the series? Do you get along well with the other actors on the show?

AR: I had a blast filming the 1st season. Our season wrapped December 20th and we found out that we were picked up for season 2.  It was so awesome to hear the news when we were all together on set.  We are really close and we do a lot together on and off set.  Kira, who plays Phoebe, is the big sister I never had.  Diego and I are really close friends and we do a lot together.  He is one of my best friends.  Jack and Kira even took Diego and I to the One Direction concert.  I really look up to them and love having them as my TV siblings.

CTS:  You got your start acting very young while attending a performing arts school in Louisiana.  How did you know you wanted to be an actor at age 4?  You started out in theater and musicals.  Do you hope to pursue more theater in the future?

AR: At age 4, I did Bitty Theater through Creative Arts of St Tammany and learned quickly that I did not have a fear of being on stage.  I also did plays through drama camps at Kehoe-France, the school that I attend.  When I was 7, I started taking more formal acting classes through John Robert Powers in New Orleans.  I love acting, because you can transform into any character.  That’s the beauty of acting.

I did really enjoy theater.  I am not sure what the future will bring.  I am having so much fun doing television right now.

CTS:  You’re also very musically inclined.  What instruments do you play? What’s your musical style? Do you have aspirations to follow music, as well as, acting?

AR: I absolutely LOVE music.  I usually sit in my room and listen to music while reading and doing homework. I started playing the piano in kindergarten and it progressed to the guitar and the ukulele. Kira taught me so much on the uke and I love to bring it with me on set for jam sessions when we have time. I like all genres of music. Alternative is probably my favorite. I would definitely love to follow music later in life.

CTS:  When it comes to giving back, you’ve been involved with several charities.   What charities do you support?  You recently raised $4,000 for one charity.  Can you tell us a little about it?

AR: I absolutely believe it is important to give back in any way possible.  I have been very blessed and I have chosen a few charities, dear to my heart, to give both time and money.  The Food Bank in Covington and STARC are two organizations in Covington, Louisiana that I help with.  I recently raised $4000 to help the Oklahoma tornado victims.
Another organization I love being involved with is Holidays for Kids.  It is a non-profit organization started by my Mom and her friend, 12 years ago.  We give to children during various holidays throughout the year.  We partner with Volunteers of America and the Children’s Advocacy Center to fulfill the wishes of the children.

CTS:   You made the big move from Louisiana to Los Angeles.  Do you like living in LA?  What do you miss about Louisiana?

AR: I do like living in Los Angeles, as well as, Louisiana.  I am able to go home during hiatus weeks and during season breaks.  I am still enrolled in school in Louisiana.   My school in Louisiana sends all of my work to the set teacher. During hiatus breaks, I fly home and go back into school.  It is truly the best of both worlds.

CTS: Which actors and actresses would you like to work with someday?

AR: Oh wow, there are so many actors and actresses that I admire.  I think Jennifer Lawrence is so talented and I would love to work with her one day.  I would also love to work with Adam Sandler or Seth Rogen…both very funny!!

CTS:  Besides acting, what other things are you into?  With your super busy career, do you find time to have fun with friends or family?

AR: I think it is important to be well rounded and I try to find time to keep my other interests going.  I love to play the uke and the guitar.  I am also really into archery.  I keep up with that, especially when I am at home in Louisiana.

I have been really blessed with a supportive family and friends, both in Los Angeles and in Louisiana.  When we are in L.A., I spend time on the weekends with friends at the American Girl Store or going to the movies. Most of my friends in Louisiana, I have been friends with for years.  They are friends that I will have for life.  No matter how much distance or how much time passes, our friendships are still strong.

To catch Addison on The Thundermans, tune into Nickelodeon on Saturdays at 9/8 p.m. Central.

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