Mason Dye on His Role in New Lifetime thriller “Flowers in the Attic”

Up and coming actor Mason Dye stars in his debut role in Flowers in the Attic, a Lifetime Original Movie adapted from the classic novel written by V. C. Andrews. The film is sure to keep audiences engaged with a mix of familial abuse, incest, and heart-stopping dysfunction. The release is set for Saturday, January 18th, 2014.

CelebrityTeenScoop had the chance to chat exclusively with Mason about the psychological thriller, his preparation for the role, and why he left his baseball career behind!

CTS: You are set to star as Christopher in the Lifetime original movie, Flowers in the Attic. Can you tell us about the movie and your role?

Mason: “Flowers in the Attic is the story of four young siblings who after a tragic car accident, are forced to live with their grandmother in her attic. In the attic, the kids are subjected to physical and emotional abuse. They are even starved at one point. All that stems from a long dark hidden family secret that the kids find out in the movie. Eventually, the abuse gets so bad that the kids realize if they stay in the attic any longer, they’re going to die there. They have to come up with a way to escape. That is Flowers in the Attic. I play Christopher. He’s very smart and intelligent. He’s an optimistic—very much so. He’s always trying to keep everyone positive and reassure them, especially Cathy once they’re in the attic, that everything’s going to be alright. He reassures them that their mom’s looking out for them. A major thing factor is that Christopher is a huge Mama’s boy. He loves his mom.”

CTS: How did you get the role?

Mason: “I got an audition for it in my email. I never actually heard of the book, which is crazy, considering how huge it is. My parents had heard of it, but I hadn’t. I went in and auditioned, and got a callback. I thought to myself, “I actually have a good shot at this.” I did more research about it, and watched the 1987 version. I went in for the callback with Kiernan and we both got it. That was it.”

CTS: Did you actually read the book to prepare for the role?

Mason: “Once I got it, yes. Before the audition, I didn’t. Once they told me I got the part, I knew I had to. There are a ton of fans out there where this book was a part of their childhood. I knew I was going to have to read the book to do the book justice, and to do Christopher justice.”

CTS: What was it like working with Academy Award-winning actress Ellen Bernstein and Kiernan Shipka on the movie?

Mason: “Ellen Bernstein. Working with her was terrifying. She’s so phenomenal as her character. It was crazy.  The ability she has to draw everyone in the scene and completely delve into a character, and the energy and presence she brings into a scene is phenomenal and incredible to watch and be around. To see her transition from this evil grandmother into this sweet, sweet lady after she’s off-set was surreal. She’s such a sweetheart. And Kiernan. Kiernan, Kiernan. Kiernan is the most intelligent, mature, working girl I have ever met. She’s insanely talented as well. When I met over, I didn’t know her age. I was talking with her, and thought, “She’s probably twenty-three or twenty-four.” I said, “How old are you?” She said, “I’m thirteen.” I said, “Are you serious?” She holds herself so well. She’s such a sweetheart. Ellen, Heather, Kiernan… they all are. I expected them all to be nice because I was told they are, but I did not expect them to be that nice. They are all so welcoming and such sweethearts.”

CTS: How did you get your start in acting?

Mason: “I started my junior year of high school. I was playing baseball with a plan to go to college and play it professionally. I got hurt. I figured, well that’s out of the question, what do I do now? I’d only been in plays when I was in third or fourth grade. I really enjoyed it. I thought, “I’ll give that a shot.” I started taking classes in Texas. That took off from there. I got my agent in Texas, and a couple months later I got an agent in Los Angeles, and a manager. I moved out about eleven months ago, in February of 2013.“

CTS: Anyone in show business you’d like to work with?

Mason: “That’s a toughie. One actor I very much want to work with is Brad Pitt. I absolutely love him. He was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma at the same hospital I was.  We’re connected that way. It’s destined that we’re going to work with each other. I want to work with Jennifer Anniston. I absolutely love her. I think it would be so much fun to be able to work with her.”

CTS: What is your favorite part about being an actor?

Mason: “Getting to be someone else, and the free range to just play. That’s honestly the most fun and my favorite part of acting. Getting to be able to delve into a character and do things that you usually don’t get to do in real life.”

CTS: What else do you like doing in your free time when you aren’t on set or preparing for a role?

Mason: “I love to go bowling. I love bowling and Putt-Putt. I watch movies. We go to a movie probably every other day.  I also love to eat. Eating is a big part of my life.  I work out every day. That’s honestly my life. Bowling, eating, bowling, movies, eating, and Putt-Putt. “

CTS: Do you have any favorite movies or TV shows you like to watch?

Mason: “For movies, it definitely has to be Inception. That is by far my favorite movie. I don’t watch TV. I should, but I don’t. If I ever watch TV, it’s usually cartoons, either South Park or Family Guy.  Those are my two go-to shows.”

CTS: What other upcoming projects are you working on?

Mason: “I have a couple lined up but they’re not a done deal yet. They’re still in the works, so unfortunately I’m not allowed to talk about them. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know.”


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