Sweet Suspense: “We Look Forward To Recording & Touring”

The girls of Sweet Suspense are continuing their journey to becoming a successful pop group. Summer Reign, Celine Polenghi, and Millie Thrasher finished in 12th place on season 3 of The X Factor USA. The trio were mentored by Simon Cowell.

Celebrity Teen Scoop caught up with each of them before the series ended to find out what they were up to and how life has changed for them since appearing on a hit reality show.

Millie Thrasher

CTS: You and Sweet Suspense made the Top 12 on the third season of X Factor. What was it like making it that far?

MT: Making the Top 12 was absolutely incredible. We worked so hard to come together and begin to form our sound as a group. To have the judging panel put us through to the Top 12 and to work with such incredible talent such as Toby Gad, Jamie King, Sam Watters, Julian Bunetta and so many other people who work with the best in the music industry, was such an honor.

CTS: What was it like having Simon Cowell as a mentor for the group? Could you share the greatest piece of advice he ever gave you?

MT: It was truly an honor to have Simon Cowell as a mentor. We had all dreamed, since we were young, about working with Simon. We felt so blessed to have the opportunity and we wanted to absorb everything possible from the experience. Simon is tough, but in a great way!  He knows what it takes to succeed in the music industry and he gave us guidance on everything from our sound to our image.  The greatest piece of advice that Simon gave us was to spend every single possible moment together, both working and having fun, to come together as strong as possible as a group.

CTS: What is X Factor judge Demi Lovato like in real life?  Did you have a chance to get to know her?

MT: Demi is amazing!  She is so insightful and generous with her advice and guidance.  We felt really close to Demi and have tremendous respect for her as a person and as an artist.

CTS: Simon Cowell put you, Celine, and Summer together for Sweet Suspense.  How did this come about?

MT: We each auditioned as solo artists and from the thousands of girls who auditioned for the show, the panel chose the three of us to form a group.  We were so excited and couldn’t believe how incredibly well we work together, both personally and professionally!  We will be forever grateful that the panel chose to put us together!!

CTS: How has your life changed since being on the show?

MT: My life has changed tremendously since being on the show because I now have two amazing sisters that I’m building a career with.  We have big plans and we know that we have to work hard and stay focused on our goals.  I feel like we all are more confident in ourselves as a result of our experience on The X Factor and we have built a bond that can never be broken. We are very busy, so I am working very hard on time management to make sure school and friends and family are never neglected!

CTS: What is up next for you and Sweet Suspense?

MT: We are so excited to be recording and we are looking forward to some live performances.  The X Factor has been an amazing platform for us and we want to take advantage of all the opportunities our appearing on the show has created. We are definitely looking forward to cutting an album and touring!

Celine Polenghi

CTS: You and Sweet Suspense made the Top 12 on the third season of X Factor. Could you share some of the major highlights of being on the show?

CP: The biggest highlight was having Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio make us a group. It is amazing how the judges were able to pick us three out of the thousands of girls that initially auditioned. We are so grateful to have been selected and love that our voices blend and harmonize  perfectly.

CTS: What was it like having Simon Cowell as a mentor for the group? What did you learn from him?

CP: Having Simon Cowell mentor the group was the most incredible yet unexpected experience. Prior to working with Simon, considering his demeanor on past shows, we were all a little intimidated. However, after working with him in this partnership, we found Simon to be insightful, kind and quite funny. Simon made sure to remind us to have fun.

CTS: Simon Cowell put you, Millie, and Summer into the group. Could you describe your relationship with each other? What is your role in the group?

CP: The girls and I have an undeniable friendship and a definite bond that cannot be broken. As cliche as this sounds, we get along so well. We have the same taste in music, fashion, and I have to say we all have quite the sense of humor. We’re like sisters. I would say that I play the “chill” one in the group. I’m also a bit sarcastic.

CTS: How has your life changed since being on the show?

CP: Post X-Factor, my life has changed in an way. My confidence level has boosted so much, and I have Summer, Millie, and everyone that comes with the show to thank. I have gained a stronger love for music. Since being on the show, I have learned that I am who I surround myself with, and in addition I have learned to maintain my relationships with my family and friends.

CTS: Tell us a little about yourself.  What are your hobbies?

CP: I’m 16 years old and I was born in Hackensack, New Jersey and raised in Miami, Florida. I’ve always wanted to entertain people, whether it was dancing, acting, singing, stand-up comedy, or just making a fool of myself. Because of my lack of confidence, I never really took singing seriously because I didn’t think I was good enough until I won my first talent show in 6th grade, I was definitely taken by surprise and figured that it was time to get to work. I began uploading videos of myself singing online.  A few months ago, I decided to audition for The X Factor, and here I am now.

CTS: Do you have any advice for young aspiring singers?

CP: A piece of advice I like to tell young aspiring singers is to work on your craft rather than focusing on things that won’t be important in a week. Young singers should definitely be dedicated to working on technique and identifying their own unique tone, style of music, and artistry.

CTS: Where do you hope to see yourself and Sweet Suspense in five years?

CP: In five years, I see Sweet Suspense headlining on our world tour with our third album.

Summer Reign

CTS: You and Sweet Suspense made the Top 12 on the third season of X Factor. Has it led to other opportunities?

SR: The X Factor USA has been a great platform for us. Many doors have opened up because  we were in the Top 12. We are excited about the many opportunities and look forward to recording and touring.

CTS: What was it like having Simon Cowell as a mentor for the group? Could you share the greatest piece of advice he gave you?  Are you still working with him?

SR: Having Simon as a mentor for the group was something that we all collectively wanted and being able to work with him is a big accomplishment in itself. Simon constantly reminded us to have fun; that was the one thing he made sure to stress. Working with Simon and The X Factor continues to be a tremendous opportunity and we are looking forward to participating in the finale December 19th.

CTS: Each live performance was televised to an audience of millions of people. Amazing! How did you handle the pressure?

SR: Before a live show, we all handled the pressure differently. For me, it really helped to pray and jump around to shake out the nerves. Together as a group we did our handshake and prayed with everyone involved in the performance. It honestly helped just having the other two girls with me.

CTS: Tell us a little about each of the judges. What are they really like?

SR: All three ladies on the judging panel, Kelly, Demi and Paulina, had the beauty and kindness of angels. The advice they gave was exceptional on and off camera. Simon was the biggest surprise, because though he is very insightful, he is not mean like people make him out to be. Simon does speak his mind, but he jokes about anything and everything and is always laughing.

CTS: Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

SR: My biggest musical inspiration has to be Justin Timberlake. I look up to his career in every aspect, including the acting part of his career. Collectively, I have to say we all love Justin and Beyonce.

CTS: How long have you been singing?  How did you get started?

SR: I have been singing ever since I can remember. I started dancing at the age of four, started piano at five and musical theatre/acting at 6. I started taking lessons for singing at the age of seven; that is when I got serious about it. I have now been pursuing my craft for over a decade and I am still learning everyday.

CTS: Where do you hope to see yourself and Sweet Suspense in five years?

SR: In five years, we hope to be half way across the world with a headlining tour. I think my two other sisters in this group will agree with me when I say that we want to continue to make music and perform for people together; we just want to make people happy.

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