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October Kingsley: Height, Profession, Education, Place And More



October Kingsley

October Kingsley

October Kingsley is a American well-known celebrity, but she don’t want that their fans know about her secrets and personal life.

There is no much information and pictures available on internet because she don’t want become a most famous.


NameOctober Kingsley
Height5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
ProfessionDirector, Producer, Screenwriter, Actor, Executive In Charge Of Production
LiveLos Angeles, CA
Education Double Major – Philosophy and Psychology from University of California

This question is that, who is October Kingsley? and now we are discussing about it, Professionally October Kingsley is a well-known American actress, film producer, and director. October Kingsley has been rated as a Hollywood’s top emerging film producers and actresses.

October Kingsley becomes a well-known personality after getting success in her film “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi”, co-starring opposite Hollywood star and legend and academy-award winner Faye Dunaway.

October Kingsley not only famous in acting, producing, and directing films, but she is also a successful commercial ads and music video director.

October Kingsley completes their graduated from UCLA University with a double major in Philosophy and Psychology.

Now, October Kingsley is working on many different upcoming feature films and T.V show.

The movie was released worldwide by Troma Entertainment. Apart from actor, producer and director, October Kingsley is also a successfully emerging commercial and music video director. She is a UCLA graduate in Philosophy and Psychology. If you want to see her acting and direction skills, you must watch her movie “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi.” She’s done a phenomenal job in the movie. Currently, she is working on several other feature films and television show projects, which will surely make a huge impact on audience.

October Kingsley Height

October Kingsley height is 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)

Personal Life

October Kingsley

October Kingsley

Her decision to not share their personal life with the fans and other peoples is effected to her fame because if any celebrity not share the personal life so it’s a common thing that they are losing their followers.

Normally when more peoples know about you, you got more appreciation and more success but in this case the situation is different.

It’s common that many big directors not share their personal life and also they not wan’t to be a famous personality, they only focus on the money they are achieving, their projects or busy in their work and personal life.

Personal Quotes

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.

All great battles are capable of being won with a single, solitary smile.

I’ve got a one-way ticket to Hell, and I’m gonna raise Hell just getting there.


  • October Kingsley attended the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, California.
  • October Kingsley graduated from UCLA with a double Major in Philosophy and Psychology.
  • October Kingsley directed, produced and first time wrote her first feature film. Co-starred alongside academy-award winner Faye Dunaway.

October Kingsley is basically a private minded person and we covered all the events in her life in this content. Every person not know about her because she not wan’t much fame as I discussed previously.

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Aspen Rae | Height, Age, Weight, Fitness Model



Aspen Rae

Aspen Rae

Aspen Rae is known as a fitness model who started her exercise journey in her University days, with previously put in running marathons. Using the aid of her trainer, she had been competent in setting her up the body and eventually become”hooked” to the consequences of the gymnasium.


NameAspen Rae
Height5’4″ 5’4″ (162.5cm)
ProfessionFitness Model
LiveCalifornia, USA
WeightUnder 115lbs (52.2kg)
NationalityUnited States, Italian, Scottish
Eye ColorHazel

How tall is Aspen Rae?

5’4″ (162.5cm)

How much does Aspen Rae make?

Aspen Rae make more money because of fitness business.

“Persistence and conclusion. Both important factors to reach almost any sum of succeeding in your life ”

Ever since that time, Aspen’s livelihood has flourished, she has turned into a workout star, celebrity, plus a competition for its NPC demonstrates.

Aspen Rae is a mixture of many countries Scottish, Italian, and American,”

Aspen Rae was born in the 1990 era, in California state.

Expanding upward, Aspen recognized she’d an inclination to sport particularly marathon racing. She clarified;”I belong to a few of the cliché” for ages been an athlete” via senior school and faculty testimonies.

Aspen Rae Fitness

After completed her education, Aspen became curious in hoping something out her routine “sports activities regular”.

With just a tiny bit of encouragement from her trainer, this fantasy quickly became a real possibility.

Ever since she’d always required to get a certain tone and size onto her lanky framework, the fitness center has been that the perfect reply. So on, Aspen commenced coaching with weights.

Following understanding the number of variants of training and exercise apps had been”out there”, Aspen made a decision to produce her entire life”less complicated”, and seek the services of an expert exercise trainer.

Within the duration of twelve months, Aspen’s body progressed so much she started fretting about rival at an exercise series. This had been for that, she chose to move by your bikini, into the determine branch in 20-16.

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Ice skating on Lake Minnewanka, Alberta 🇨🇦

A post shared by ASPEN RÆ (@myaspenrae) on

Aspen so on commenced competing in NPC lingerie demonstrates, attaining decent outcomes. But she mentioned didn’t experience”pure” over the point one of the additional bikini competitions, generally because for her muscle upper human body.

Moving into the determine category enabled Aspen to operate on your own entire body, without fretting about attaining too large an amount of dimensions. This permitted her fully improved her spine, certainly one among the most powerful figure pieces.

At that moment, Aspen additionally took an enthusiastic curiosity about doing something out of her safe place. At the age of 18, she commenced doing webcam modeling and mature behaving.

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Chasing waterfalls ❄️

A post shared by ASPEN RÆ (@myaspenrae) on

Considering her mom and dad were both conservative and religious, Aspen hoped the worst the moment she’s informed regarding her choice. Nevertheless, the specific reverse took place — her mom and dad recognized her conclusion, also fully affirmed her pursuits.

Obviously the answer out of her relatives abandoned Aspen amazed. She had been exceptionally glad she can join her passion for physical fitness using a fascination modeling and then flip them in the livelihood of her fantasies.

“My mum moved outside to purchase Penthouse right because she discovered that it had been at the racks! I believe myself fortunate to possess such parents that are amazing “said her.


Through time, Aspen experienced attained achievement in several regions of lifestyle. She turned into a workout type, mature celebrity, plus a bikini competition using an immaculate body.

Now she loves gigantic fame in her enthusiasts, in addition, to aid from her family and friends within her everyday tasks.

Understanding the value to be decorative and proportioned when competing for the physical fitness point, Aspen dedicates one particular day to every muscle category. The single real exception will be thighs, which she trains a week. She claims, that is only one of the poorer figure pieces.
for aerobic Aspen enjoys concentrating on her behalf diet rather than But she will still do some aerobic in front of a contest if needed.

Aspen Rae Dieting

When searching for a contest, Aspen adheres to exceptionally educated principles. This implies that she weighs each and every g of its own fat, protein, and ingestion.

She eats two meals every day, together with macros composed of meats and egg-whites to get nourishment, brown rice, and sweet potatoes because a way to obtain fats, and avocado together side almond butter to get wholesome fats.

Even yet from the off season, Aspen’s diet regime is not considerably distinct. She weighs his meals, consuming 6 meals every day. But she’s going to have slightly bit more flexibility at the off season; significance that a cookie or 2 can be enabled sporadically.

Aspen Rae comes with an attained career. She attained whatever she imagined like a teenager, but keeps going; chasing even larger aims.
But her highway by being a prosperous exercise pub and also a celebrity was not fluent. Making the choice to receive active from the adult marketplace might be uncomfortable, to state least especially if shooting comments from family and friends into thing to consider.

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Give me a few days to overthink about it.

A post shared by ASPEN RÆ (@myaspenrae) on

Nevertheless, Aspen left her selection. She made a decision to proceed later he fantasies, regardless of precisely what the answer from those all around her is.

When people can carry something out from Aspen’s narrative, it is to not give up in your own dreams, however unusual they might appear to individuals. There is going to soon be individuals who won’t know your function as well as your objectives, nevertheless, you ought to keep visiting even though their own remarks if you’d like to call home the life span of one’s home style and design. That is something Aspen will let you know

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