What is the truth behind the story? I think that was his son, which made this a total wet lettuce. Most peoples says that “it is scripted by son and his father”. Now this meme is famous in USA and peoples are searching by putting these words “Wouldn’t You Like To Know Weather Boy”.

You can see the impression of the face and selection of words in order to know the truth.

We know that it’s a little funny meme which was trending in the US. Now this meme still famous in USA although it is more than 2 years old meme.

Wouldn't You Like To Know Weather Boy
Wouldn’t You Like To Know Weather Boy Meme

Now, these days peoples are finding the way to laugh. Who cares if it is scripted or not, it’s on live news! I’m sure about the large number of memes you are watching on the internet is scripted and sometimes you know about it and you laugh although you know the reality of the meme.

We know that his dad wrote it and his son say it in a scripted way. May be this meme would’ve been more good if his son make it real without the help of his dad or scripted words.

It’s a funny meme but it is scripted we can judge the real and scripted material by the impression of the faces and selection of words. But it’s a funny meme peoples love it and watching it.

Now the video on YouTube reached morethan 3 Million views and 127000 likes on Youtube video.

Peoples hate memes when they saw as a real life character and after that know the reality of the meme in a scripted way.