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The different types of orthodontic braces



orthodontic braces

orthodontic braces

Braces are normally used for correcting and maintaining the alignment of the teeth. They are being applied for a while so that a person can obtain the required alignment. Colored braces can also be used for this purpose. People not only have the option of using the braces with different colors, but they also get the chance of changing the color during this period. They can get their color changes according to their choice. The following points should be kept in mind while selecting the appropriate brace color.

Structure of the braces:

So, you are thinking about fixing an overbite. These are made up of metal. Within the metal brackets lies the elastic material, which is of various colors. These brackets are being attached to the teeth with the help of the specific cement, and they are connected through a wire, which is called the arch wire. This wire is fixed to the teeth so that it does not get loosen easily. At the time of fixing the braces for the first time, it may take 1 or 2 hours, and they need to be checked every 20 minutes during this process. After getting them fixed, a person might have abnormal feelings initially, but with time a person gets used to it. The whole period in which braces take for aligning the teeth can range from eight to twenty-four months. 

Frequently used colors of the braces:

Some of the colors are mostly seen worn by the people. Females mostly go for pink braces, as pink is a girly color plus it gets matched with their usual dressing. The second one is the blue color. The combination of the light and dark blue makes a good pair and goes for all dresses as well. The third one is rainbow color. 

Metal braces

They sound the hard ones as they are made up of metal and are compatible with laborious treatment processes. These are the traditional braces that look odd, but they work at a fast pace. They are toughest; this is why people might be scared of tooth decay as well. They have metal brackets and elastic bands. They are fastened to the tooth with the aid of adequately adjusted stainless and metal bands. Secure wires are also available for final adjustments.

Another category of metal braces is named as self-ligating braces. They have no elastic bands either or metal ties. They only have an archwire to place the braces at its proper place. Lingual braces are also included in the metal braces category. They stay hidden on the backside of the teeth. Their fittings and final adjustments are to be done very neatly, so they should not be visible.

Ceramic braces

Ceramics are the modest ones as they are comprised of the unique material which is having potent alteration with the teeth color tint. They are active and have less discomfort for the user. They are supporting the balance between speed of recovery and appearance; this is why it is preferred.

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