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Real fur clothing degrades much faster than synthetic alternatives



fur coat

fur coat

Are you in the process of trying to buy a fur coat or a fur product? Then you will be all too aware of the debate. Fur has become one of the most commonly debated parts of the fashion industry today – a massive talking point that can seem confusing in the extreme. If you are new to the discussion, you might see faux fur being described as the ‘ethical’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ choice. But is this true?

It depends on what angle you look at. While faux fur involves no animals being harmed in their creation, it also has another problem: the creation process is environmentally damaging. Most of the ingredients in faux fur are man-made and synthetic. This involves chemical and manufacturing processes that have an environmental impact. The main issue, though, is the time that it will take a faux fur product to break down. Given a faux fur product will last for a fraction of the time that a real fur product does, is this a problem?

Many within the industry have found that the main problem isn’t so much the here-and-now, but the consequences decades from now. Why? Because faux fur does not degrade at anything like the same pace.

Faux fur is shown to take much longer to break down than real fur products

Buy a real fur coat, and you could really get decades of happiness to wear out of that coat before it is in need of replacement. Buy a faux fur coat, though, and you could soon be looking at a coat that needs repaired, replaced, or binned within a few short years. The materials are not as sturdy as real fur, they degrade much faster, and they, therefore, need to be thrown into a landfill site much quicker than a real product.

Outside of the years of actual usage that you get, it comes down to the erosion factor as well. Put fake fur products into a landfill site, and it will exceed the lifespan of a real fur coat by at least one hundred years. That might sound good, but the coat was out of wearable condition many years ago – it now takes many years to break down due to the materials used to build the coat in the first place.

This means that it could lie there degrading in a landfill site for many years, taking up valuable space. Also, the materials used to make such a coat often means that it could have a detrimental impact on the land once it has finally broken down to its essential form.

Cared for properly, you could hand over a real fur coat to a family member or friend and still have it in prime condition years after the purchase. When was the last time, though, you heard of someone passing on a fake fur coat or a fake fur accessory? 

It’s unheard of because the only places that gets longevity out of faux fur products are dumps and landfill sites. While there are genuine ethical issues within the fur industry, there is no guarantee that the ‘healthier’ fake fur industry is going to be any better – arguably worse – for the environment as the decades roll by.

We know what to expect from real fur – can we truthfully say that about the alternative? 

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5 spring skin care problems and easy way to solve them



Skin Care

Skin Care

It is important to use good products. There are many medicinal product which is successful for many years in various types of skin care problems, you can get more information here

Although everyone is waiting for the upcoming spring and warm days, early spring is not the good time for our body. We struggle with the spring solstice, fatigue; perhaps we have weaker immunity or have gained extra weight during the winter. Our skin is also usually in poor condition. Overheated rooms, hot radiators, and too rarely ventilated apartments contribute to excessive drying of the skin. In winter, we do not always correctly lubricate and moisturize the skin, which is still hidden under the layers of clothing.

Meanwhile, too dry skin becomes rough, thin and delicate, and tends to crack, damage or get infected. How to deal with the problem of dry skin after winter? About it below – read on!

How to take care of dry skin after winter?

Homoeopathic is a typical must-have in every home medicine cabinet. It should always be at hand because the sooner it is used, the faster it will disappear. This product has a comprehensive effect on minor, local damage to the skin and epidermis. It has an antiseptic effect, facilitates healing, accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues, and prevents bacterial infections. Also, it is very efficient and has no smell, which allows for comfortable use.

In what situations is it worth reaching for the homoeopathic?

Skin Care

Skin Care

It is recommended in every case of various types of skin damage, such as abrasions, scratches, irritations, torn cuticles, cuts or skin cracks. Therefore, it is worth applying it immediately, if only annoying us:

  • abrasions on the feet and heels – a common ailment at this time of year when we change shoes to lighter ones. It is known that new shoes can easily rub our skin, but this happens just as often with previously used shoes because the feet have to get used to them again. We usually reach for abrasion plasters (with a special sponge to prevent further injury to the sick area). Despite this, abrasions still cause significant discomfort, make walking difficult, and get rid of them as soon as possible. Therefore, before you even stick the plaster, apply the any expert ointment on the abrasive skin, which will speed up healing and allow you to get rid of unpleasant irritations quickly;
  • Irritated nose – this condition is very common in a watery and irritating runny nose. It happens to people with a catarrhal infection or allergy sufferers who are already beginning to feel the first symptoms of spring allergies at this time of the year. The skin around the nose and on its wings is irritated, red and may crack painfully. Moreover, the constant use of the wipes also increases the irritation, and the red and swollen nose does not look very good. It is then good to lubricate the painful area with any expert ointment, which will have an antiseptic effect and quickly relieve troublesome ailments.
  • Wearing the mask – this is a typical complaint about the current time of the pandemic, felt by an increasing number of people. It is related to the fact that we often wear masks for many hours and unfortunately they are not permanently changed regularly. Even disposable masks are worn many times, and cloth masks are not washed every day. Due to hygiene negligence or increased individual sensitivity of the skin, the show may irritate the places where it is in constant contact with the skin of the face. To prevent potential more significant damage, and above all infections (bacterial, fungal), it is good to lubricate the inflamed areas with any expert ointment as soon as you notice the first signs of irritation, such as abrasions or cracks.
  • Dry cuticles near nails are common ailments, especially in people who bite nails and regularly nibble at the cuticles. It can also appear as a result of a poorly performed cuticle cutting. The resulting wounds not only look unsightly, but most of all, they are very painful, heal difficultly and are in danger of becoming infected. Broken skin is conducive to uncomplicated infection with a bacterial or fungal infection. Dry cuticles around the nails can also result from skin dryness after winter, the use of solid detergents and cosmetic products (e.g. nail polish remover), not wearing gloves in winter, or mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Soaking your fingers in olive oil, argan oil, or castor oil with vitamin E adds good results.
  • Dry skin after winter – after the winter period, we often suffer from dehydrated skin. We can observe it, especially in hands that are very dry after winter, which are more than usually prone to chapping and the formation of small sores. We notice that the skin of the hands is then more susceptible to injuries; it becomes sensitive and delicate, with a tendency to break easily. It will also be helpful in the local treatment of ailments generally dry and prone to damaged skin. Each point irritation of the skin is an indication for the use of Homeoplasmine ointment. It is recommended for cuts, scratches, skin cracks and other minor damage.

Thanks for reading.

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What Tones to pick for your wigs?





Picking tones can be questioning, mainly when wigs come in upwards of 40 diverse shading alternatives. This is confused by the way that earthy coloured for one might be not the same as actually earthy coloured for another. The letters and numbers in the shading depiction come from a shading framework called the shading code created by the wig business dependent on natural human hair tones.

  • Dark tones territory from 1 to 1B,
  • Browns from 2 to 12, and
  • Blondies from 14 to 26.
  • Platinum tones are blondies with less warmth in them.
  • 613 is brilliant platinum that is the ideal harmony among blonde and platinum.
  • Platinum colours range from 22 to 23, at that point hop from 101 to 104 which have more debris in them.
  • The dark family goes from 34 to 60.
  • The red family is part between standard reds and dynamic reds.
  • Standard reds range from 27 to 33
  • Lively reds range from 130 to 134

The letters in the code come from the makers shading critical framework. These letters disclose how tones are joined to make the shade of a wig.

Light effect on hair wigs

Have you ever seen how hair shading appears to be unique, relying upon during the daytime or in bright lighting? This is because the tone is the impact of light reflecting off the shade. For example, when you are outside in the sun, a red wig under regular light will seem more splendid with higher differentiation than a similar wig in indoor lighting. This is the reason the hair tone in your late spring get-away photographs looks a ton unique concerning it does in the inside lighting of your home! Lighting is one of the various elements that influence hair tone.

Fibre effect on hair wigs

The sort of fibre just as the length and surface of the hair on the lace front wig can cause the tone to seem extraordinary. If you have three styles of fibres in a similar shading, the shading will seem diverse on each of the three due to how the filaments are disseminated all through the wig. Three unique cuts with a similar shading will show up marginally excellent also.

Surface Effect on wigs

The surface also impacts the shading of the wig. If you have straight hair then light fall on the surface equally giving it one colour while curly wigs may give different shades due to the curls and twists because light doesnt fall on every strand equally.

Shading on human hair will look hotter, cooler on engineered materials and the warmth neighbourly manufactured wigs will differ contingent upon the maker. These exceptional qualities guarantee that regardless of what wig you pick, the shading will consistently be remarkably yours.

Presently you can shop all the wigs more unhesitatingly realizing how to discover the shading that turns out best for you!

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Best Lingerie Subscription Boxes in 2021



Whether you are looking to spice up your underwear drawer or just to get a constant supply of your most worn pieces, the solution is the same, subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are a very popular method of shopping, and hunting for the perfect subscription box depends on what you are looking for.

Lingerie subscription box is a big niche with many brands to choose from. It’s time to throw your old and basic underwear and subscribe to a lingerie subscription box that you’ll definitely appreciate.

In today’s article, we’ve rounded up the best lingerie subscription boxes that offer great value for your money.


Underclub is probably one of the most socially active lingerie subscription box on the market, and you’ve definitely run into their ad on Instagram. The most important thing is that Underclub offers high-quality products that are cheaper than the top brands on the market.

At the same time, Underclub is a female-founded brand, so it is all about inclusivity. When it comes to their style, they sure add a bit of spice in the box. You should expect a lot of fun pops of color and lace lingerie with thongs. In other words, they are a bit different from the boring normal.

Their basic subscription plan starts at $15 per month, which is great value considering the product quality you’ll receive.

Burgundy Fox

Burgundy box offers a lot more than just lingerie. They also specialize in sleep sets, loungewear, and even beauty products and candles. Right from the start, you know that they are the real deal since you need to complete a detailed questionnaire just to thoroughly describe your style and preferred pieces.

You can also choose minimal coverage, bold, classic (full coverage) look. They go even deeper by allowing you to choose your favorite shade of nude, patterns you love, and more.

Their basic plan starts at $49 for five pairs of underwear that are sent quarterly. You can upgrade to a more advanced box for a set of lingerie, loungewear, and sleepwear for $79.


BootayBag is an in-house brand that offers inexpensive and high-quality lingerie that you’ll definitely love. Each box contains one or more products thongs, boyshorts, cute bralettes and more. Their subscription box comes on a monthly or quarterly basis and it is very well packed in a little brown bag.

The best thing about this company is that their designers produce two thongs, two coverage cheeky underwear, and two bralettes. Each month they post their new updated collection on their social media profiles, just so you can choose your style.

This is definitely one of the cheapest lingerie subscription boxes you can get your hands on considering the value for money. Their basic box starts at $10 a month, and if you want to get the four-pack subscription you can choose their $20 option.

The Lingerie Box

This is a more lingerie box than any other subscription boxes. They offer matching and beautiful pieces from designers from all over the world like Nikol Djumon from Latvia, and Kris Line from Poland. No wonder why it is slightly more expensive than other lingerie boxes.

The Lingerie Box focuses on smaller and more elegant designer brands that you can only find at a high-end store. The best thing is that they have all the sizes, so you shouldn’t worry about finding the right match.

Before you subscribe for a monthly plan, you need to go through the onboarding process and answer few questions about your height, weight, inseam, whether you like thong, bikini, or boy shorts, and mood that switches from flirty to elegant.

Since we are talking about the high-end brands, every subscription box costs $50 per month, but the products included in the box are worth more than $75 in retail prices.

If you want more ideas, make sure to check out FiveBoxes and their detailed review on lingerie subscription boxes:

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