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Ring Size Chart: 4 Ways to Measure Finger Ring Size



We know that you have asked yourself “ What is the size of my ring? ”Or“ How do you know the measurements of a ring? «. If you have not been able to answer, with this article that will no longer be a problem. And it is not pleasant to give a ring with the time, money, effort, and enthusiasm that it has cost you … and that when that person receives it they tell you: “It’s beautiful! But it is small … (or large) “

Sure, you didn’t ask because it was a surprise. But when this happens, the surprise and the effect you were looking for is deflated. That is why I leave you here several tips and tricks that will help you find out the ring size that the person you want to give it to has … or your own size.

4 ways to know the measurements or size of a ring: Easy guide

1- Ring Size Chart

Rings Size Chart

Rings Size Chart


Method 1. Measure the circumference. Cut a narrow strip of paper and place it firmly around your finger. Make a mark where the two ends meet. Stretch the paper and measure it with a ruler up to the mark. Check your size:

44mm> Size 4
46mm> Size 6
48mm> Size 8

50mm> Size 10
52mm> Size 12
54mm> Size 14

Method 2. Measure the diameter. If you already have a ring, you can measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler. You must take the measurement as accurately as possible since the difference between sizes with this method is less than 1 mm. Check your size:

14.03mm> Size 4
14.64mm> Size 6
15.28mm> Size 8

15.92mm> Size 10
16.55mm> Size 12
17.19mm> Size 14

In the button below you can download a Chart of equivalences, with which you can see the number or size of your ring in different ways, that is, your finger number, the diameter and the length of the circumference.

2- How to know the ring size with the measuring tape

know the ring size with the measuring tape

know the ring size with the measuring tape

If you have a tape measure at home, you just have to measure your finger as it appears in the image.

3- Use Cast may size gauge

Castmay size gauge

Castmay size gauge

If you don’t have a tape measure similar to this one and you ask yourself the question: How do I know what ring size I am?

Answer: In our ring sizing guide, you have a picture of measuring tape. Print, cut out, and measure. It is simple and reliable.

  1. Carefully cut out this ring size gauge from the downloaded PDF.
  2. Cut the line where it says “cut here.”
  3. Now you can adjust this gauge to the finger that will wear the ring, pulling until it is perfectly adjusted.
  4. Check the measurement protruding from the meter: that’s the EUROPEAN SIZE

In the event that you don’t have a printer, don’t worry, take a piece of paper 1 cm wide by 10 long, mark the starting point and then the endpoint, then with a ruler, you measure the distance from one to the other and you will get the measurement of the contour of your finger in millimeters. For example, 6 cm is equivalent to 60 millimeters and this corresponds to a size 20.

4- How to measure a ring according to the internal diameter?

Another way to know the size of your ring is by knowing its internal diameter. In this case, you can help yourself with another ring that you have in your jeweler, and with a rigid ruler, in this case, measure the inner diameter of your ring, and then use the table of equivalences from point 1. For example, if when doing the test measures you 18 mm. in diameter your ring size is No. 17.

But this method is unreliable since it is difficult to measure the internal diameter of a ring with a ruler. The solution can be the following picture – size chart. You have it in the PDF.

To check the size of your ring with this template, you just have to place the ring on the circles below until you find the one that matches exactly. Measurements match the inner edge of the ring but bear in mind that silicone rings is flexible so you need to focus on it during measurement.

5- If you want to know the finger number for a ring, go to the professional

Another option that is undoubtedly the most comfortable and reliable for you to have your ring size correctly is, stop by your trusted jewelry store and they will surely have some of the tools such as the Tatum measuring stick, or the ring and foot of king that you will see below:

With the caliber or caliper, you can measure the inside diameter of a ring that you can show as a reference. In the universal ring holder, with which they will measure your finger, each of the rings has a series of references with the number, diameter, and length, as in the table of equivalences that you have in the image above.

Our sizes or measurements change in winter and summer

A detail to take into account to know the size of your ring

Before measuring your finger, you must bear in mind that your hand with heat can expand and with cold it contracts. This detail in some cases can vary the size of your ring in several numbers.

I hope these simple tips are useful for you to know your ring size. If what you read helped you, Click on I  LIKE  and  SHARE. From today, in the case of making a gift, you can find out without having to reveal that surprise that you will undoubtedly give to that person so important and special to you.

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Jewelry Guide

How to start jewelry business with little money in 2020





We could think that The Jewelry Business is for the most creative, but it does not necessarily have to be that way since there are many people of different ages and economic conditions who are in the big business (and they are not exactly great creators of Jewelry!).

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Whether you are thinking of buying jewelry from suppliers that offer a good price to resell (or drop shipping with Jewelry); Or you want to buy the parts and pieces necessary to make Fantasy Jewelry and beads, I will show you below the necessary steps to start with this great Business idea whether you live in Spain, Mexico or some other country.

1. Where will you focus to start your jewelry business?

Questions such as Marketing Jewelry? Fine jewelry or fantasy? Make fantasy and beads? You can also choose the 3 options! but I would initially recommend starting with a single idea.

1.1 Trading with Fine Jewelry

Although there are alternatives (such as dropshipping), the investment is higher. This type of market is usually for people who like a luxury, Ex: Wedding rings.

1.2 Trading with fancy jewelry and beads

The finished products are cheaper (cheap materials). The sale prices are much lower. This market moves according to fashion trends.

Due to its low price, it has the advantage of having more potential clients.

There are also very interesting options to create products with different types of materials such as textiles, wood, stone, acrylic or 3d prints, etc; that become jewelry classified as art due to its design and originality.

This last type of Jewelry can be better valued and marketed.

1.3 Fashion and Trends

One way to understand more, make determinations (and be able to validate) the path your business should take is by researching market trends. It will be very interesting to include in your daily routine the search for sites on the web that specialize in jewelry and beads.

Fashion blogs are also a very good source of information. Pinterest will help you search for ideas and related sites.

Another tool that can help you search for trends is Google Trends.

2. Your Brand

When you have defined the type of jewelry to be sold and you have defined your customer profile, it will be much easier to identify a global image for your Brand.

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If you have not defined the logo and you want to search for logo ideas, help yourself with the google search in the images section. The truth is that it has helped me a lot.

You can also search for Pinterest or paid sites like Shutterstock,, or

In the event that you want to do it yourself, Canva is a tool with a very interesting free version.

Also for a few bucks, you can get a designer on It is ideal to have an idea of ​​the colors and type of design (fonts), which best suit the idea of ​​Your Brand.

In conclusion, you must bear in mind that the creation of a brand is based on many things more than its image. It includes your story, your vision, and a personality of your own.

3 Where to Create an Online Jewelry Store?

Today there are many places to sell, but each one has different characteristics and objectives.

If you are one of those who want to make things as easy as possible and not get into montages and long learning curves, I recommend Etsy. On Etsy, you just have to register, create your store, upload your images (and add description), and sell.

Etsy is a platform that, although it is not free, because it charges you 0.20 cents for each item placed in your store and a very small commission for the sale, it is one of the fastest growing online stores in recent years. If you want to know more about Etsy you can access it here.

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The second alternative is Shopify. In Shopify, you have the opportunity to personalize your store much more. You also have a whole arsenal of tools to help you manage your sales.

However, Shopify is not free due to the number of benefits it offers. It has several rates according to your level of sales. If you want to know more about Shopify, you can access it here.

In the event that you want a store with your own design and totally personalized, WordPress is the “ideal tool”. With WordPress and a plugin like woocommerce, you will have all the customization possibilities.

To create a store with WordPress you must have hosting, a domain, and some knowledge in WordPress (There are many tutorials on YouTube).

This third option is the most complicated of the three for a beginner, but in the end, it is the one that may perhaps bear the most fruit in the long run, because if you manage to position your store, you will get the public to reach without the need for additional payments. You will not pay monthly payments either (as in Shopify).

4 Finding Jewelry Suppliers

It seems the most difficult step but it is not like that. All we have to do is “fine tune” and rank our potential suppliers.

Definitely, China is where we can find almost everything and this means that there we will also find jewelry manufacturers, dropshippers and wholesalers.

Here I list five that can help you in your endeavor.


A great store to be able to inspire you and create what reaches your imagination. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and all the supplements to create whatever you want.

Artbeads also has all the tools for your business. Adhesives and resins, books, tutorials and more, Epoxy Clay, Beading needles and seeds, and much more.

There is also a large catalog of finished products. If you want to take a look at it, you can access the button.


Pandahall is a large Chinese superstore (you could call it a wholesale warehouse!), Containing just about everything you need for costume jewelry and trinket venture.

Different types of pearls, beads, materials, brooches, etc; you find in Pandahhall. You just have to access through the button.


Another large wholesale store that in addition to having everything for the manufacture of your Fantasy Jewels and beads, has additional services to personalize your products such as:

  1. engraving service. (on stainless steel).
  2. Re-packaging service. This means that you can request that products are delivered in very large quantities, they are repackaged in several smaller bags.
  3. Free Shipping Service. (or free shipping) Starting at $ 160!

4.4 Jewelryandfindings

This online store has a very interesting inventory and a range of very attractive products that can be of great use to you. In case you have not found what you need in the previous stores, I leave you this so that you have all the possible alternatives to be able to undertake and design your own jewelry and beads to your liking.

New Guide:


There is not much to talk about Alibaba, because you already know that there are thousands of Chinese manufacturers that sell everything. I leave two very interesting Manufacturers / Wholesalers that are dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of finished Jewelry. I think they are a very interesting alternative for entrepreneurs looking for finished products or another range.

That’s it, I hope this guide on how to start a jewelry business with little money has been very useful and gives you that push you need to start your own business once and for all. If you have doubts and concerns, do not forget to leave them in the comments.

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