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Lover-beauty African Clothes Wholesale Now



African fashion has always been bold, colorful, and beautiful. African fashion is inspired by culture, tradition, wildlife, languages, music, etc. The large continent with fifty-four countries has diverse style and fashion trends, for both men and women. You can see the patterns and designs online at Lover-beauty where African clothes wholesale prices are available. They are more than just costumes worn at cultural events and ceremonies. The traditional African clothing like dashiki, kaftan, and other modern prints and patterns are totally different styles in comparison to other parts of the world. African fashion showcases the long history and wearing them is more than fashion for most people. It is a symbol of status, creativity, and faithfulness to the tribal people. 

African fashion has gained momentum in the past decade. Celebrities like Chris Brown and Beyonce have been spotted wearing some African style traditional clothing and this creates a lot of interest. Social media is the one that makes it easier to spread the enthusiasm for African clothing. These are some of the reasons that demand for African clothing has increased, not only in America but also around the world. 

African clothes are famous for bold and bright prints and colors. Earlier tie-dye and batik prints were the techniques used to make the patterns. Most of the time handwoven fabric is used. However, more and more people are now attracted to African luxury clothing that is available online. Lover-beauty a wholesale online website carries a wide selection of modern and traditional African fashion clothing for both men and women. 

Big statement sleeves are fun and look chic. Besides the big balloon style, sleeves are very popular this year. While wearing big sleeves dress, we recommend keeping the rest of the look minimal, while the focus is on the sleeves. Like the dress below. The belt gives a more refined look while enhancing your curves. 

Mysterious Blue Lantern Sleeves Top African Printing Streetstyle

Mysterious Blue Lantern Sleeves Top African Printing Streetstyle

Off the shoulder, dresses can make a simple outfit more attractive and glamourous. This versatile and unique style is popular with longer length dresses. The colorful outfit looks cheerful too. 

Special Midi Dress Fitted Waist African Pattern All-Match Fashion

Special Midi Dress Fitted Waist African Pattern All-Match Fashion

One of the trending colors this year is bright red. The unique style and design on this dress is elegant and sophisticated. The deep V-neck is attractive and pretty. 

Typical White Long Sleeve Midi Length Skater Dress Trendy Clothes

Typical White Long Sleeve Midi Length Skater Dress Trendy Clothes

Halter neck maxi dress in the traditional pattern is gorgeous for family functions and official occasions. It looks elegant and stylish at the same time. 

National Style Blue Skater Dress Turndown Collar African Paint For Women

National Style Blue Skater Dress Turndown Collar African Paint For Women

Bright yellow color is synonymous with warmth and sunshine. We love the pattern on this bodycon dress. A perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional style. You can choose some sexy plus size dresses online. 

Dreaming Yellow Maxi Dress Short Sleeve Pocket Tie Women Outfits

Dreaming Yellow Maxi Dress Short Sleeve Pocket Tie Women Outfits

Another modern look to the old classic printed skirt. Styling it with a sleeveless top makes it cool and trendy. 

We hope you are inspired to try some Lover-Beauty African dresses this season. Being bold and beautiful they look attractive and are popular with celebrities around the globe. Getting them at the wholesale price is a steal. 

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Real fur clothing degrades much faster than synthetic alternatives



fur coat

fur coat

Are you in the process of trying to buy a fur coat or a fur product? Then you will be all too aware of the debate. Fur has become one of the most commonly debated parts of the fashion industry today – a massive talking point that can seem confusing in the extreme. If you are new to the discussion, you might see faux fur being described as the ‘ethical’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ choice. But is this true?

It depends on what angle you look at. While faux fur involves no animals being harmed in their creation, it also has another problem: the creation process is environmentally damaging. Most of the ingredients in faux fur are man-made and synthetic. This involves chemical and manufacturing processes that have an environmental impact. The main issue, though, is the time that it will take a faux fur product to break down. Given a faux fur product will last for a fraction of the time that a real fur product does, is this a problem?

Many within the industry have found that the main problem isn’t so much the here-and-now, but the consequences decades from now. Why? Because faux fur does not degrade at anything like the same pace.

Faux fur is shown to take much longer to break down than real fur products

Buy a real fur coat, and you could really get decades of happiness to wear out of that coat before it is in need of replacement. Buy a faux fur coat, though, and you could soon be looking at a coat that needs repaired, replaced, or binned within a few short years. The materials are not as sturdy as real fur, they degrade much faster, and they, therefore, need to be thrown into a landfill site much quicker than a real product.

Outside of the years of actual usage that you get, it comes down to the erosion factor as well. Put fake fur products into a landfill site, and it will exceed the lifespan of a real fur coat by at least one hundred years. That might sound good, but the coat was out of wearable condition many years ago – it now takes many years to break down due to the materials used to build the coat in the first place.

This means that it could lie there degrading in a landfill site for many years, taking up valuable space. Also, the materials used to make such a coat often means that it could have a detrimental impact on the land once it has finally broken down to its essential form.

Cared for properly, you could hand over a real fur coat to a family member or friend and still have it in prime condition years after the purchase. When was the last time, though, you heard of someone passing on a fake fur coat or a fake fur accessory? 

It’s unheard of because the only places that gets longevity out of faux fur products are dumps and landfill sites. While there are genuine ethical issues within the fur industry, there is no guarantee that the ‘healthier’ fake fur industry is going to be any better – arguably worse – for the environment as the decades roll by.

We know what to expect from real fur – can we truthfully say that about the alternative? 

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History and origin of Christmas: Why is it celebrated on December 25?



For approximately two thousand years, on the night of December 24, the Christmas Eve has been celebrated and the next day Christmas.
he Christmas is one of the oldest and most important traditions of the world. The December 25 is a day of celebration, family gatherings and gifts. For practicing Christians it is an emotional religious holiday, but where did this celebration come from?

Next we will tell you the origin of Christmas , the Christmas traditions, the scriptures about the history of the nativity and the birth of Jesus. And learn more about christmas quiz questions, Christmas trivia from pubquizhut

What is Christmas and when did it begin to celebrate?

The Christmas represents to the Christian world the resurgence of hope and salvation brought about by Jesus Christ. On this date the commemoration of his message of love, peace and redemption is commemorated. For two thousand years ago about the night of December 24 is celebrated the Christmas Eve and the next day Christmas .

However, the exact date of Jesus’ birth is one of the many mysteries that have not yet been solved. The year in which this event occurred may well have been between the eighth and the fourth before our era; and as regards the day, the early Christians are said to have believed that it had been a 25, although it could have been between March and December.

But it wasn’t until AD 350 that December 25 became the official date of Christ’s birth. Everything happened in the Roman Empire , where it was customary to celebrate the Saturnalia, a festival that lasted seven days in honor of Saturn (Cronos), and that reached its climax on December 25.

Pope Julius I then requested that the birth of Jesus Christ take place on that date so that the Romans could more easily convert to Christianity. And already in 354 AD, Pope Liberius makes his predecessor’s request a reality. In the year 379, the reference to a banquet in Constantinople can be found for the first time, such as those held today and thus would give rise to the most important celebration in the world.

What is the origin of the name of Christmas?

The name Christmas can be associated with different origins. The first of them is for the Nativity, as the birth of Christ; taking into account also, the name of the Saturnalia. But it also arises from the word cannibal, a common practice in those who worshiped Saturn, since Saturn himself devoured his children.

The Origin of Christmas: The Birth of Baby Jesus
As we can read in the Bible, from the descriptions they give us of that day, it is not possible that Jesus Christ was born on December 25. The reason that is explained is that the Jews sent their sheep to the deserts around Passover and they would return when the first rains arrived, which began during the fall. When Jesus was born, the sheep were grazing in the open air, so October had not arrived yet, so it is difficult to fit the birth of Jesus on December 25 and this has had to be in late September or early October.

What are the Christmas traditions?

– The births consist of the representation of the birth of Jesus Christ, by means of a model of Bethlehem and its surroundings, in which the main figures are the stable where Christ was born, the holy family, the animals and the shepherds. According to tradition, Saint Francis of Assisi was its inventor.

– The Christmas carols are songs or songs alluding to the birth of Christ or the holy family. Some, like Silent Night, have versions in several languages ​​or rhythms, with the same or different names.

– The Christmas Tree consists of a bush that is decorated with various ornaments such as: colored spheres, shiny ribbons, stars, etc.

– Christmas Cards: It is also customary that in addition to gifts, postcards or greeting cards are exchanged for the Christmas and New Year holidays. This custom was created by Londoner John Callcott Horsley in 1843.

Christmas today

Despite the Christian origin of Christmas, this holiday has lost its religious character to become a celebration of family togetherness, largely due to the marketing and popularity of this celebration.

From the 19th century on, Christmas began to become popular with the character that it has today, since in this century the custom of exchanging gifts became popular, Santa Claus was created and the custom of giving Christmas cards.

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BLACKPINK – Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)



BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez

With great anticipation, on August 28 at midnight (ET) the collaboration between BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez, “Ice cream” was released. The music video (MV) and style of the song that escaped the concept usually handled by the female K-pop quartet left fans surprised.

Ice Cream song got 150 Million views on YouTube in just 4 days.

However, even with the union of BLINK and Selenators, the goals they had set out to achieve during the first 24 hours of the premiere were not achieved.

YOU CAN SEE BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s MV “Ice cream” on YouTube: how to stream correctly

It is for this reason that the fans of ‘ Selpink ‘ take their revenge and launch the world event ICE CREAM #IceCreamScoopTwo, which consists of reliving the release of the song as if it were just being released at this time.

ICE CREAM #IceCreamScoopTwo started on September 2 at 8 a.m. KST (6 p.m. on September 1 in Peru) and aims to reach the new goals set within the next 24 hours to be able to climb the charts and aspire to a spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Spotify, Apple Music, and the use of the Shazam application are the priorities of the challenge. However, fans of K-pop idols BLACKPINK and American singer Selena Gomez emphasize that iTunes purchases and radio orders will not be neglected.

Below, we share the goals for the ICE CREAM. BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez in the MV “Ice cream”. Photo: Composition LR / YG

Scoop Two “Ice cream” on Spotify

-Number 5 in Top 200

-1.3 million views in the United States

-100 thousand views in the UK

-500 thousand views in Brazil

-450 thousand views in the Philippines

Scoop Two “Ice cream” on Apple Music

-Reach No. 50 in the US, 70 in the UK, and No. 5 on the Worldwide Apple Music Song Chart

“Ice cream” Scoop Two on YouTube

-Make 20 million views in 24 hours

“Ice cream” Scoop Two on iTunes

-Achieve first place in the world list

“Ice cream” Scoop Two in Shazam

-Make 40 thousand shazam’s in 24 hours

Regarding Shazam, it should be noted that the radios use the ranking of the application to know how popular a song is.

If you do not know how to stream correctly, in this note ( HERE ) you can find the guidelines provided by ‘ Selpink ‘ fans .

YOU CAN SEE BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez set the record for the most viewed collaborative MV in its first 24 hours

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